Film: 5614

Shipping | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Southampton docks 1960s

Liner Windsor Castle comes into the dock. Map shows the old and new docks . The liner docks and ropes are sent ashore. Industrial area of Southampton, Hampshire, building the GPO office, baggage coming off the ship, passengers disembark, the booking hall and waiting room full of people. Terminal 102 at berth 102. People sitting at the bar,( very smart) wool unloads off the ship. Dock side workers manhandle cargoes, fruit is unloaded, hardboard, cars from Lubeck, Germany, drive on ferries, ro-ro, roll on- roll off in operation, pine wood and timber from South America, cranes at work, meat, cheeses, special banana gantry and trains, stacking wool. Large boxes, port barrels, loading a train, warehouses of single span. Lorries leave the docks, steam trains and diesels though the streets of Southampton, shots of the Ocean Terminal with diesel train. Dockers canteen. Demolishing the coaling sheds, Dredging the river , the docks offices, the docks office building. Windsor Castle goes into dry dock, King George V Graving Dock. The liners United States, France, Rotterdam and Queen Elizabeth. Dry dock activities, men work on painting the hull and anchor. Boxes with produce from Britain, lots of boxes moved about in a warehouse, huge warehouses crammed full, cranes in action, loading a plant spraying machine, cars, floating crane lifts a hovercraft, night loading, Windsor Castle departs.

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