Film: 5616

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | B/W


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Professions for young adults interested in law - law as a career choice working as a solicitor or with the police 1970's

West Yorkshire Constabulary Training Centre. Young cadet policemen and women. Parade ground. Drilling cadets. The course is 2 years long and will take young people of 16 or 17 years. Interviewer talks to cadets about the course. Simulated traffic accident. Cadet is monitored on how he deals with the situation. Cadet tries to get information from irate man. In the police gym. The cadets are taught to use equipment. They climb ropes, do forward rolls, do an obstacle course. Cadets play volleyball. Cadets learn law and also undertake A levels. In a classroom cadets are asked to provide definitions of crime and theft. The cadets also have to undertake a project of their own choosing. One cadet is learning about the local history of a village, another is canvassing local people to find out their attitudes to smoking. The cadets have to give a lecture on their project. Fitness. Cadets undertake cross country running. Cadets have regular interviews with a senior officer who lets them know how they are progressing in the course.

Outward Bound centre in the Yorkshire Dales. The police cadets are put through tough training in mountain rescue, rock climbing, canoeing, camping etc. Back in a classroom, the cadets are taught about psychology and what makes people become criminals. Police cadets in their second year shadow regular police in their duties on the beat etc. Cadets also spend some time working or visiting in hospital and have to attend operations and post mortems to prepare them for injured or dying people in the course of their work.

Another job for anyone interested in law is to become a Legal Executive or a Solicitor's Clerk. A young legal executive explains that he is given one day off a week to study at college. He has some responsibility in the Solicitor's office as he dealing with the simpler parts of conveyancing etc, but he always refers to the solicitor if he has a problem. He talks into a Dictaphone.

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