Film: 5618

Railways | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Blue Pullman, a new streamlined British Rail diesel train aimed at business people 1960's

Inside of new railway carriage. Portentous music. Toilet is used as dark room. Toilets used a test areas. Work going on in the carriages. Train goes into train shed passes over the camera. Picture of L.M.R Test Report. Illustrated posters being produced advertising The New Midland Pullman Britain's first diesel Pullman train. General bustle, staff testing equipment. Menus produced on printer machine. View of inside of cab. Testing brakes, starter etc. Destination boards show 'Bristol Pullman' and 'Birmingham Pullman'. Test run. View from drivers cab. Tracks out of large station, probably Temple Meads, Bristol. Tests of service buttons and reclining seats. Driver's cab.

Two assessors and two drivers in caps. View of tracks. Restaurant car. Kitchens, Bar. Train in sidings - crews board train. More testing, starter, brakes etc. Man tells others he will show them the air-conditioning system. Staff are male only. Getting ready for trip people move up and down the corridors. Staff call at restaurant car for a cup of tea. Pullman train at Manchester Central station on maiden trip. Top-hatted Station Master on duty. Passengers board train, shepherded to their seats by stewards on duty at each carriage. Window seats are arranged in fours two each side of a table. Seats have anti-macasars and table lamps. Voice tells passengers to call the attendants if the heating is not to their liking. Train prepares to leave, stewards board their carriages. Guard waits. View inside state of the art signal box.

Track level view of train leaving Manchester Central station. Inside stewards serve drinks etc. Change to view inside galley. Cook prepares eggs and bacon breakfasts. In dining car passengers enjoy English breakfast. View of lunch menu. View of nicely arranged food on stainless steel trays. View of track indicates rapid movement. People still eating on the train. Film runs out. There is no commentary but snatches of stilted conversation among staff about the speed to the train and its amenities.

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