Film: 5619

Railways | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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A day in the life of Waterloo station.
Titles. The Thames. Railway sheds from high angle. Man inspecting bees beside bee hive, with shell building in background. Close up of bees. Concourse of Waterloo station with crowds. Crowds hurrying off platform. Various close ups of legs hurrying along. Two smartly dressed city types, one in bowler hat, with umbrellas, walking along concourse. Legs go into doorway marked "Station Master". Inside office, station master, in suit, settles himself at desk and makes telephone call. Elderly man in big signal box or office answers telephone. Views of junction office with signal men and trains in background, and cat. Commuters get off train. Elderly, gaunt man fumbles with wallet and hurries off platform. Pompous man in bowler hat strolls off platform. Goes into flower shop to buy button-hole or buttonhole carnation. Close up of flower. Gaunt man hurries down steps, dropping umbrella. Pompous man adjusts button-hole in mirror. Pays shopkeeper. Chauffeur holds car door open for him. Car drives off.
Crowded underground or tube train with doors closing on man's coat. Gaunt man hurries down steps and misses trian, with poster with title "Nerves" visible. Families with luggage moving along platform.

Woman in station public address or tannoy room. Close up of bespectacled, wearing glasses, woman speaking into microphone. Elderly bearded Jewish man with family moving along platform. Porter loading luggage onto train. Woman kissing people farewell. Nuns with large white hats and wimples. Elderly woman in wheelchair being pulled backwards along platform. Man with group drinking from bottle of wine or beer and laughing. Two porters or guards lift the old woman from wheelchair into train. Women embracing and weeping beside train. Nuns board train. Man leaning out of train window and drinking from bottle. Women saying goodbye, with guard waving flag behind. Various shots of train moving off and people waving, weeping. Funnel of steam train. Track with wheels crossing. Close up of signal equipment being operated. High view of train moving off along tracks. People leaving the station. Steam. Two boys trainspotting. Small boy squatting, looking closely at steam (not visible). More steam.
Nurse removing something from boy's eye. Workers in ticket office. Chubby man in bowler hat at ticket office window - "Clapham Junction please". Tickets being punched. Close ups of train indicator board with destinations. Various shots of different types looking up at indicator board, including nun and posh man in bowler hat.

Telephone exchange machinery. Record playing in automatic answering machine. Enquiries office or bureau with people at desks answering telephones. Close up of man on telephone. Close up of hand flicking through timetable. Vicar reading newspaper in First Class carriage. Man playing cards in carriage. Guard blows whistle, train moves off. Teenage boy at ticket office window. Signal office man answering telephone and operating machinery. Black or Afro-Caribbean or West Indian vicar in train compartment. Group of young people smoking cigarettes in compartment. Railway tracks. Woman in tannoy or public address office answering telephone and speaking into loudspeaker microphone. Young woman with flowers, indicator board in background. Woman in tannoy office, knitting. Young woman sitting on bench sipping tea and looking at wristwatch. Guards and porters moving down platform. Young woman with flowers walks onto platform. Smartly dressed people waiting on platform. Porter sitting on scales. Signal equipment. Man operating home movie or cine camera from moving train. Train pulling up, with crowds waiting. Two women study train as it pulls in, looking for someone. Young woman with flowers looks for someone. Couple greeting. Various people greet each other. Young woman with flowers searches through crowd. She approaches a guard. Flowers abandoned on bench, large woman puts them on ground and sits down. Elderly lady in posh hat at enquiries desk. People queuing at office. Woman knitting. Guard punches tickets.

Policeman waving vans into station. Policeman stops people from walking down the platform. Prisoners or criminals being escorted off bus by police officers or prison guards, handcuffed. Prisoners moving down platform. Policeman holding back crowds. Close up of small boy looking out of train window. Prisoners board train. Man reading newspaper in First Class carriage.
Chickens (?) being put in oven. Guard closing train door. Police allowing crowd to move down platform. Prisoners in carriage as it moves off, with police standing on platform. Smart woman waving goodbye with handkerchief. Steam. Cat. Old man in signal box. Signal equipment. Steam train moving along track.

Middle-aged woman in hat, very Fifties, in Lost Property office. Umbrellas in racks. Man at desk. Close up of lost property ledger being filled in. Man closes lift gate grille and lift goes down, with umbrellas in it, lift stops, man opens grille, wheels trolley of umbrellas out. Elderly man opens locker, topless pin-ups on inside of door. Racks of umbrellas, with cat. Middle-aged lady at lost property desk.
Man inside ticket office sorting money. On platform, lady in flowery dress, carrying lap dog, greets man in hat, man kisses man and dog. Newly wed couple get on train, are sprinkled with confetti. Train guard waves flag. Wedding party waves goodbye. Close up of confetti blowing along platform.
Undertakers wheel coffin onto platform. Steam. coffin is loaded onto train. Tickets punched in machine. Lady in hat at ticket office. Soldiers hurrying off train. Woman with baby greeting soldier. Soldiers with kit bags and luggage.
Woman talking on telephone in office, puts phone down, opens drawer, which has cup of tea in it, and drinks tea. Guard drinking tea. Kettle boiling, with railway tracks in background. Cat.
Old vagrant, tramp, homeless or down-and-out woman, with scarf wrapped around her head, wandering around platforms, looking in rubbish bins. Various black men and women (West Indian or Afro-Caribbean or Negro) on platform. Trains arriving, with West Indian or Jamaican people waiting. Black crowds on platform, with white guard. Black people searching through luggage. White boy with face sticking through bars, blowing out his cheeks. Small black boy. Black people carrying luggage.
Press photographers taking pictures with flash bulbs. Various upper class types saying farewell on platform. Steam. Station concourse. Small boy, five years old, alone and lost, someone bends down to speak to him. Small boy looking sad. Close up of boy crying. He sits on suitcase, crying, and policeman approaches. Policeman leads him off, practically dragging him. Little boy is lifted over counter in station master's office. Close up of boy at typewriter. Close up of station master on telephone. Woman in tannoy office speaking into microphone. Escalators and concourse with crowds. Little boy at typewriter. People coming up escalator. Long tracking shot along concourse, with crowds, kiosks, platforms and trains. Mother reunited with son in office, hugging him. Train doors slamming shut. Guard closes grille and gaunt man from earlier runs up, too late. Train pulls out. Gaunt man walks away, disconsolate. Crowded station cafe or cafeteria or bar. Close up of pint or glass of beer being poured.

Station concourse at night with guard walking across and crowds. High view of concourse. Blonde woman, with man, heavy make-up, drinking from carton through straw. Different couple - man puts arm round woman, she offers him drink from carton. Close up of guard lighting cigarette. Various shots of steam in station at night. Two sailors lighting cigarettes. Close up of sailor smoking. Old man balances beer bottle on back of hand, tosses it in air, and catches it with other hand. Indicator board at night showing train departures. Couple sitting together on bench, asleep. Exterior or waiting room. Interior of it, with people stretched out sleeping on benches. Tracking shot of people sleeping on benches. Elderly vagrant or homeless woman wandering about concourse. Hand sifting through rubbish. Broom sweeps rubbish from beneath bench. Porters loading newspapers onto train carriage. Guard reads newspaper. Workman (black) moves along train at night, checking wheels. Train moves out of station at night, with steam. Platform gates are shut, lights turned off. Close up of man sleeping. Skyline at night, with St Paul's.

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