Film: 5620

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Documentary on the Stock Exchange in London 1960's
A couple wish to buy shares.
Pan down from Tower Bridge to children making sandcastles on the foreshore (of the River Thames). Historical stills of trading. Empty floor of Stock Exchange; man walks across it. Dissolve into busy floor. Man in top-hat changes blackboard prices. People appear on balcony. "It looks like a market-place. That's exactly what it is - a market-place for all the stocks and shares in the world." Man explains to woman about top-hats, not many people wear them nowadays. The House Attendants have red lapels. They are called 'writers'. Man refers to brokers and jobbers; he demonstrates on diagram that different jobbers specialize in different stocks and shares. Two out of three people have stocks and shares (via pensions etc.). Reconstruction of Jonathan's coffee-house, a trading-house. Men haggle. Scene is being viewed in modern cinema. Typist in outer office. Textile factory at work. Yarn being spun into long threads. Counter measures amount of cloth passing through it. Stocks and bonds superimposed on several products. Surveyor at work. Man drives sports car round disused airfield. Petrol station with attendants in uniform, somewhere in Europe. Petrol pump reads, 'Diesoline' and 'Benzin'. Very close shot of wooden golf-club addressing golf ball. Man's feet in background. Ball hit off tee. Ship, the 'Ballarat' (P&O ship?). Steel-making. Hot steel cooled by water jet. American train travels through Rocky Mountains. Bond for Tate & Lyle. Sugar cane being harvested. Gold-mining, pouring molten gold into ingots. Ancient Celtic torc necklace. Close-up of hands picking tea-leaves. Indian girl puts tea-leaves in basket on her back. Back in the office the three people drink tea. How much does the man wish to invest? "£200 and about £100 for my wife." Husband owns a garage and wants to invest in oil company. Wife wishes to buy shares in a kitchen fittings company. Man uses intercom to his secretary - she answers by telephone. She puts down receiver and picks up another. Paying a broker. Man explains why shares are for sale. Often through solicitor. Solicitor's office - he tries to persuade man on telephone to sell some shares to pay death duties. Solicitor calls on telephone to man to sell his client's shares. Broker and his two customers enter door marked, 'Visitors' Gallery'. Couple introduced to buyer. He hears rattle which means only another quarter of an hour until close of trading. Broker explains about government borrowing; talk about government shares. "If the Stock Exchange didn't exist, no government would be able to raise the extra money it needs." Client replies, "Hmm, I hadn't realised, the Stock Exchange really is necessary." Broker fails to make a deal with a jobber. Broker and another man strike a deal and both write it down in notebooks. The bargain - 'Mutual Trust' - great tradition of Stock Exchange. "My Word is My Bond", "Dictum Meum Pactum." Tower Bridge. Crest of the Stock Exchange.

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