Film: 5621

Farming + Rural Life | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Agriculture in India, rural life, a peasant farmer tries to make a living. His house and family, selling grain in the market 1950's

Oxen pulling carts of hay in a cropped field. Men and boys sit or play under a tree, behind, men walk down the street with pots on their heads. A child climbs down a lamppost. The oxen are lead into a barn with a thatched roof. A woman and her daughter prepare a meal, the woman sifts floor into a bowl. The farmer enters and takes off his turban and goes into the room where the women are. The daughter looks up with a smile. The continue preparing the meal, the mother patting out bread. The father sits down in the corner and his wife brings him his food, The younger children come in and they are served as well, they sit on the floor, not at a table or on a mat. The clay and straw rooms of small houses. Chunkur the father smokes a cigarette on the roof. The children sleep all in a row, then Chunkur lies down. His eyes flutter as he goes to sleep. A dry field. Hands mix cow dung in a bowl . The hands slap it on a wall and spread it out to dry and to use as fuel. The daughter stokes the small fire under the cooking pot, she puts in dried cow dung and blows on the fire with a hollow branch. Using a grinding stone to grind flour, turning it around. Bringing up water from a well to irrigate a field. Changkur uses oxen to pull the water up from the well. The windlass turns quickly. Water pours over the edge of the field. A well ploughed field of dark black soil. A banyan tree, the men gather under it as the women pass by to get water in the pots on their heads. And older man smokes. The old man pours tea into his saucer and offers it to Changkur. A hand rings a bell. A small shrine or temple. Changkur goes there to pray. Changkur drives his oxen wagon to market over barren land. A view from the seat of the oxen wagon. A market in an open field. Vendors and sellers haggle for a bargain. Changkur bargains with two men in white from the city. Paper bills are paid into his hand. He pays out paper bills to his landlord. The landlord sits in all his finery. Changkur asks for a loan. The bookkeeper looks at his book and keeps tally of the money owed. Changkur gets his money and is very thankful towards the landlord. The next man comes along to ask for a loan.
Changkur drives his oxen pulling a wooden plough. The plough cuts into the field. Changkur stops for a moment and wipes his forehead. The daughter pours seed into her mothers apron. His wife follows Changur down the row with a pole, which she drags along the ground and puts the seed in it. The son makes a scarecrow. Changkur goes to the temple again. A map of India, areas show the kind of crops grown. A rich cotton field, field workers pick the cotton buds off the branches. Workers pick tea. Men and women pick rice. Threshing wheat. Workers cut sugar cane. A huge warehouse full of sacks of food. Throwing sacks down a chute. A view of a coastal city form a hill. A crowd of people cross the street in one of the cities. A huge cotton factory. A dry cracked field. A map and then small dolls to impersonate farmers from other countries and small sacks of food to show comparative yield. Terraced farm holdings. Ploughing with oxen teams. An overseer argues with is workers, they argue back to him. Pu Dan's? campaign to equalize land rights., he is followed into a town by a crowd. A meeting for land distribution. Gandhi speaking and walking with his followers. Men receiving deeds to the land they own?
A map of India showing water and irrigation projects. Two bowls of rice, a hand grasps rice from one bowl. An agricultural teacher bounces rice on one hand. The men listening to him take notes. Another training session in the fields. Field workers use microscopes. A classroom. The students at their desks.

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