Film: 5626

Entertainment + Leisure | 1970 | Sound | B/W


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Tibet and other things, rushes 1970's
Cartoon-like illustrations of animals, flowers, deities. Long shot of people in forest. Heron flying over stream. Tibetan man flying kite; bi-plane; glider. Panoramic shot of coastline of Tibet. Men peering down from top of cliff. Men unfurling parachute. Man parachuting from top of cliff, smashing into cliff-side, landing with a bump. Man hang-gliding. Women working in Tibetan sewing workshop. Man bending bars in clamp. Women sewing with machines, close-up of stitching. Cotton-reel spinning. Men fitting poles together, piecing together large pieces of material. Unfolding huge kite. Shot of lots of rolled-up kites. Attaching harness to create hang-glider. Man on hang-glider landing. People with hang-gliders, one takes off. People sitting on grass, people clapping. Rigging up apparatus. Various shots of competitive hang-glider pilots attaching harnesses. Attempting to take off. Men reclining on grass. Man with hand-held anemometer (? Wind-speed). Successful take-off, various take-off shots, various landing shots, various shots of people hang-gliding. Aerial views of Tibet's huts on stilts, more shots of stilted homes. People rowing canoe. Close-ups of children rowing. Mother with baby rowing. Adults and children washing in river. Filling pots with water. Woman carrying pot on head. More shots of people canoeing, pushing canoes ashore. Children playing game involving spiral drawn in mud. Teacher in classroom writes on blackboard, Tibetan children look on. Man and little boy rowing boat; setting up nets in water; boys diving beneath nets, emerge within netting. Man on canoe, rowing man's hat blows off. Man casting fishing net, various shots of casting nets, fishes in net, loading baskets of fish into canoe. Frying fish outdoors. Wading bird jumps onto boat. Pig swims beneath boat. Mother with baby strapped to back climbs onto platform. Tibetans dancing to beating drums. Child weaves basket. Man mending fishing-net. Men row boat while drummer beats time, rowing canoe in silhouette. British Tudor houses in long shot. Wall with pictures and stuffed birds. Man behind counter of shop. Various stuffed animals - zoom-in shots to create 'ferocious' effect - dogs, rats, beavers. Mock classroom filled with stuffed rodents sitting like pupils. Stuffed rabbits sit at desks. 'Orchestra' made up of stuffed rodents. Miniature tea-party, stuffed kittens round table. Live cat licks its paw. Shots of rat, housefly, ladybird, bee, plumed bird, hedgehog. Rabbit grooms itself against chinchilla. Various birds squawking, bathing. Beaver leaves water, grooms itself. Squirrel in tree; stuffed squirrel tea-party. Face of stuffed fox. Men collecting snails at night-time. Snail gargoyles. Junior band marches through street. Children on merry-go-round. Sifting gravel. Noisy dinner party, people eating and drinking.

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