Film: 5629

Shipping | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Southampton docks.
Pan across docks, moored paddler, car in Southampton street, worldmaps, Smith & Son, instrument shop, taxi to Ocean terminal. Man with flag stops traffic to let Pullman, coaches and train through. Ships Instrument shop. Tug 'Calshot' and Queen Elizabeth. Tugs turning QE. Ocean Terminal. Southampton streets at night, buses, warehouse of packing boxes, student reads French. Liner at night, the old wall of the city, South Western House, a ferry, man in radio room listens to weather report, trains with freight wagons, bananas, wheat, carcasses, cranes overhead, timber, grapefruit, woman boards liner 'Edinburgh Castle' as nanny. She signs Ship's Articles, 'Mauretania' in quayside, 'Andes' unloads cars. View of docks, post loaded, 'Calshot' moves 'Andres'. Woman waits in foyer of Rex cinema, Southampton, Hampshire. Calshot with Andes in the fog. Captain inspects nurses in life jackets. Queen Mary arrives in dock tags and people pulling on ropes. Passenger arrive, booking hall, waiting lounge, bars, customs and baggage hall, trains, leaving docks, Nurse receives letter. Ship leaves.

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