Film: 5630

Industry + Work | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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The progress of technology in Germany in the 1980's

Night shot of crowded road at night with car lights showing. European road, cars drive on the right. Control room with a bank of television monitors. Close up of hand held glass coffee pot being filled with tap water. Close up of hand turning thermostat dial up in temperature. Close up of hand pushing electric toaster slide down so that toast enters toaster. Hand pushes buttons on Silver hi-fi system (compact stacked variety). Traffic on inner city roads at dusk. Two men walk through automatic door. Man checks monitor screen as he taps keyboard. Cameraman adjusts lens on Sony camera. Automatic machinery. 19th century pictures of Berlin. Film: two people examine 7 metre wide granite stone bowl in middle of square. Stills of 19th century Berlin industry - smoky, chimneys.
Film: A working steam beam engine in Berlin, dated 1785. More stills and portraits - von Hunboldt.... Page turning from his book. Film of house in North Germany - SIEMENS country track. Photographs of man in military uniform. Film of electroplating with gold and silver. First cut piece on electrical pylons and conductors. Electric telegraph in operation - made of brass and wood- needle goes round dial. Photographs of Siemens and Holske. Picture of 1848 revolution. Outside of Frankfurt parliament of 1848. Model of Siemens telegraphic machine - a link between Berlin and Frankfurt. Telegraph face with "Siemens & Halske, Berlin" written on it. Pictures of Siemens factory. Establishing telegraph cables - stills and maps and pictures. Still photograph of ship "Faraday" which will lay Transatlantic cable. Modern film of actual cable. Photo of family group. Machinery rotating with flywheel. Lots of rotating wheels. Modern film of Faraday's old experiment - induction of current coil. Dynamo machine - large modern machine. Cars pass under German street signs. Photo of 1870 Berlin trade exhibition. Modern film of first electrically powered loom. Photos of people on first electric railway. The engine filmed in museum (?) Photos inside Siemens factory. Photo of Berlin University. Film of autumn leaves on floor as camera pans up through open iron gates. B/W Film from 1920's of Siemens factory - manufacture of electrical goods and glass light bulbs (?) 1950's punchcard machine. 1960's Row of Volkswagen beetles in factory hanging in the air - just the shells. Tape run computer room. Steel foundry with large block of steel rolling by. Close up of man pushing buttons. 1950's second generation of automatic machines and industrial robots. Colour: Modern machinery and machine tooling. The technical university's teaching programme. Robots programmed to do assembly line work. Robots welding. Row of robots. The Berlin underground. Railway train doors open. Miserable commuters going up and down escalators. Iron foundry - large tools punching hand-held hot steel. Computers, modern machine tools and industrial robots in modern institute. Computer controlled simulator. Checking vibration of tools on monitor. Robot tested - it picks up beer bottle, takes it to glass and pours beer. It stops before beer overflows. Opto-electronic sensors which enable robot to see - test shows robot making a jigsaw-type object. Advantages of fully automated system - quicker than humans; takes over production process from beginning to end and releases humans from dull work. "The age of specialists is coming to an end." Striking German workers march with banners - they do not want unemployment for improved technology. Technologies were created to improve their jobs and now the jobs are threatened. nevertheless, Germany needs to remain competitive with its exports. New film of old technology - an unusual waterwheel spinning - 1900's. Film of a German (?) factory with crowded shop floor and everyone using machinery which runs off flywheels from the ceiling - excellent short clip. Man inserts five and a half inch floppy disk in computer. Computer screen come up with some bright green graphics - very unsophisticated. In office, woman works at desk. In background is sign on machine - "Robot control" She pushes button on machine, then turns machine off with key. Could use as robotic person.

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