Film: 5632

Industry + Work | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Communities, mixture of animated stone age life and archive shots of modern life 1980's

Ideas of surplus used for trade and services. Cave paintings, real, principles of hunter, gather people to farming. Planting a paddy fields, pigs, community built on fertile river deltas. New York factory production line, making televisions, T.V. circuit panel, assembling body works, televisions on conveyor belts, animated trade and surplus (animated crafts,weaving , pottery etc. Anti-communist message. Anti-dictator message through cave men. Capitalist society advocated, trade and surplus and market established). Large department shop. Kibbutz, agricultural markets, communal dining room. Hippy / traveller community. Hippy buses at a festival. Very messy man in bath outside, tents, buses, teepees Hippy communes, selling crafts or panhandling. Ship launch, boarding BA aeroplane. Islamic women in a veil, purdah, at market, British markets, fruit and vegetable stall, (Animated, principles of money, values of commodities, animated barter and exchange, family cooking on fire and deciding on gold as barter medium). Gold bullion on a trolley. Pre-decimal coinage in a hand. Testing and examining coins, florin piece, 50p pieces, paper money. Berwick street market, Soho, London, fruit stalls, paper money on a printer.

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