Film: 5635

Places + Locations | 1940 | Silent + Sound | B/W


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Animals in Australia 1940's
Animal Oddities. Bullfrogs in training. A man sits with bullfrogs on his knees. The bullfrogs jump for bait on a string. Bullfrogs being enticed to climb a ladder. A bullfrog is held for the camera.
A Porcupine sat on top of a post. Close up of Porcupine eating a carrot. A gloved hand lifts the tail of the Porcupine and then we see the needles being extracted from the glove.
A Giant Panda from Tibet. A very small Panda being bottle fed. The young panda shivers on a rug and is then held over someone's shoulder like a baby.
Hippo Rodeo. A man sits on the back of a Hippopotamus as it enters a pool but the man soon falls off in the water. The Hippo opens its jaws at the man but he has another go.

(3 Mins 51 secs)
Australia and the south seas (New Zealand, Samoa and Tahiti).
A young Australian farmer on horseback goes to his nearest pub to collect his mail. This is the hub of the community in the outback beyond the black stump.
Whilst there he sends letter to New Zealand where he hopes he will learn how better to manage his farm.
5mins10ss: He is now on his way and the first stop is Sydney with its busy highway it is one of the largest Cities in the world. Aerial views of it’s beaches followed by a down to earth view of a mobile tanning machine spraying bathers for 1/-.
6mins28ss: At night we see the advertising lights for cabarets and night clubs etc. Our farmer is now seen enjoying an evening’s entertainment with friends.
7mins05ss: We are now seeing a rough coastline with children bathing followed by native huts and children climbing trees. This is Samoa, hawiian type music is playing and we see cattle grazing where once only coconuts were grown, the men are on horseback driving the cattle – a plantation was organised after the war.
South Island New Zealand and a stock breeder is selecting prize bulls for a customer.
9mins04ss: Sheep are brought down from the high country of the Southern Alps. At this point we see coaches of visitors enjoying the spectacle.
9mins21ss: We are now on the North Island and the winter sports playground with skiing in progress.
10mins06ss: Lower slopes of Mount Ruatago with view of luxury hotel.
10mins25ss:We now see our farmer once more taking a refresher course in animal husbandry under direction of a new Zealand scientist responsible for keeping N.Z. farming at a high level. Our farmer will learn much of farming techniques.
11mins16ss: The sound at this point is indistinct but we are at Papeete harbour on Tahiti with boats at their moorings.
12mins15ss: Travelling inland we see the Rue Paul Gauguin, Military Base, and sailors on leave.
12mins53ss: Palais de Justice and town scenes reflecting the varied features of Tahitian, Chinese and Polynesian cultures. The foreshore and Hotel Tropique with Polynesian dancers entertaining the clients enjoying an evening drink. Sound indistinct here.
A holiday resort where visitors sample the native food and many different nationalaties mingle.
17mins 0ss: Quinns Hut – Le- Col- Bleu. Various scenes of the hospitality and uninhibited ways the local people greet and please their visitors.
18mins10ss: Car journey to the north. Copra Stores, Burns Philp Stores both household names throughout the Islands – Negotiator Meeting.
18min56ss: Welcome ceremony for United Nations Representatives and the Hawaiin custom of presenting food and gifts. Excitement when a parcel from Paris containing Wedding Dress arrives.
20min36ss: Bride and Groom emerge and the Banquet begins with food lifted out of ground where it has been cooking. It is swiftly replaced by more food covered with palm leaves to cook for later feasting . These feasts may last for days .
20mins42ss’ Start of celebrations for Bastille Day which last for 2-3 weeks.
A procession to present the Governor with food and gifts . He later returns this for the people to enjoy
21mins17ss: Decorated boats drift along water’s edge, with canoe races to follow.
Meanwhile men are shown working in an office whilst celebrations go on for several days and nights.

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