Film: 5638

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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An introduction to Tubular Steel Engineering. Heavy engineering of pipes and tubes, Building construction post war.

Column with 'Shakespeare'.
A large wooden wheel being worked on by a wheelwright. Shipbuilding with wood and steel by a Shipwright. And now the Tubewright…
Men working on a tubular steel and welding the structure. Corn (barley) blowing in the wind and closer view of ears of corn as an example of the stalk carrying the weight of the ear which can be stressed by storm. Another example with seagulls and a bridge in background. Close up of the birds with a hand pulling out the wing of a bird to reveal the quills of each feather which is a thin walled tube subject to heavy stresses due to it being cantilevered or supported only at one end.
An example of one of the Great Engineers of the 19th Century, a stone bridge with plate 'Erected Anno Domini MDCCCL Robert Louis Stephenson Engineer'. The Tubular bridge over the Meani Straite which carries the weight rail traffice to Anglesey. Various views of the Bridge and a steam train passing. The Forth Bridge built with sections of hollow rungs made from rolled steel plates.

Stewarts and Lloyds and a view of the building, having made the trusses for their Clyde Office in 1906.
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