Film: 5640

Social History | 1950 | Silent | B/W + Colour


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Amateur home movie.
B/W - Two babies sit side by side on a rug. One is a little older than the other and happily waves his arms around. Woman and boy toddler on a merry-go-round roundabout. They sit in a toy jeep or car and she tries to get boy to wave at camera as they pass camera position. She wears glasses and waves at the camera. Little girl toddler with doll in back garden. Family sit on rug on grass. Three young children sit on bank with daffodils in flower, girl holding a doll. Picnic with family sitting on sheet on ground, picnic hamper. Adults sit with cups and saucers. One woman has her knitting out and knitts a square of wool. Woman wearing headscarf pushes pram along crazy-paved path on lawn. Windy day.
Rough seaside. Waves breaking on shingle beach and then against rocks. Close shots of man who drinks from beaker. He wears glasses. Older woman wearing a hat smiles as she is filmed. Two women pick fruit off fruit bushes in a back garden - probably raspberries.
Farm show, country show with dignitaries turning up in a Rolls Royce. Tall Policemen. Cattle paraded in show classes.
Boy stands smiling in a garden. Boy sitting bathing in a butler's sink cleans his face and leg with sponge. Woman and boy sit on fairground roundabout ride, in a car. On beach boy holds a bucket which he throws to the ground. He points. Girl crouches on lawn and pours sand into different sized containers. Baby in pram is rocked till it smiles. Girl carries toy along garen path, she wears one sandal. Bay and toddler on rug.
Colour - Dorset, Corfe Castle. Lulworth Cove. Durdle Door on the coast (edge markings dated 1953). Scenery and woods. Old brick-built estate cottages. Coast. Woman feeds family of five swans. Woodland, New Forest? Scouts, guides, cubs and brownies leave Church with flags - a church parade. Children play game of rounders or British baseball. Men play cricket. Cricket match. New Forest, Buckler's Hard. A fire engine at a large house, firemen give a show or demonstration. Pony club. View along street with little girl in a wheelchair. Man with a cravat and a pipe plays indoors with a dog (nicely lit for an amateur film). Garden with girl in red dress patting dog. Flowers including daffodils in garden. Dog in garden. Dog chews hand brush. Training dog. Dog with lead in mouth. Dog shakes hands and jumps for treats. Pink chrysanthemums in white vase.
Point of view from a car through suburban streets and an industrial estate. Lovely billboard ad for Players cigarettes - Players, Please. Motor racing. Swan on lake. Zoo, possibly Whipsnade - baby elephant, bear, leopard. Woman walking on grassy hillside. Zoo - lions, monkeys, non-displaying male peacock, pengions.
1953 Coronation, crowds in London and marching guards in smart red uniforms. Decorations in Oxford Street. Very good colour footage of Oxford Street.
Green fields. In back garden a girl and young boy in fancy dress costume - she is dressed as a Dutch girl and he's a cowboy by the side of a tricycle. He walks up to camera with a toy gun and mouths 'Bang' as he shoots the cameraman. Riding his trike he fires gun. Childrens' whirlygig wind-driven spinning toy attached to bars of tricycle. Windmill. Woman plays with dog in back garden. Detached suburban house with car in the drive.
B/W - Countryside around Leighterton in Gloucestershire, point of view from a car. Ruined Abbey or church with graveyard. York?
Colour - drive in country through village with thatched cottages. Woman sits leaning out of car eating. City of Bath.

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