Film: 5641

Education | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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This film is about the importance of physical education in schools.

A girl is climbing up a wall while a boy is standing on the wall, another boy is standing next to the wall. The three children climb the wall to the top. They then come down the wall. A group of children playing in the playground. A young girl is climbing a rope ladder. Another girl is playing on a swing. Three children are sliding down a slide. A boy climbs a tree. Two boys are descending a net wall. Children are playing. A girl jumping. Another girl practicing her jumping. A Group of children swimming in a swimming pool. Children around in a school playground, one girl is playing hopscotch. Two girls are skipping. Girls and boys are playing and clapping. A group of school children are playing a game where they jump up and down in a circle while singing and clapping. A boy is climbing down from a roof of a shed. More children climbing up and down climbing frames. A girl walking across a narrow plank, she looks hesitant. Another boy is lying across a rope bridge, he is trying to untangle his foot, and when he succeeds he slides to the end of the bridge. Two children are walking through bright pink plastic barrels and then sliding gently to the ground. Children playing in the playground. Two children climb under a tree trunk. A boy slides along the top of a fence. Another boy walks on top of a fence. Two boys balance themselves along the top of a fence. A boy places himself in the middle of two blocks of wood by balancing one foot on each block. A boy swimming, another girl swimming. Various children in the swimming pool. An older child is swimming. Children playing in the swimming pool . Two groups of children are playing a game in the swimming pool. Two children swimming. A girl removes her arm inflatable band. More children are removing their arm inflatable bands. A girl swims away. A paper showing the swimming schedule. A swimming competion. Close up of a child swimming (back stroke). A girl swimming. A boy is warming up in the gym. A group of children in the gym. A group of children are instructed by their teacher to do rhythm exersises. Close up of a girls face, she is looking attentive. Children illustrate "electric shock movements". Children illustrate light and sudden movements. Children illustrate quick movements. A group of children are moving together, one carries a tamborine. A group of boys expressing different kinds of movements, one is carrying a drum. School playground with school children playing ball games. A group of boys is learning how to play football. Two girls are playing hockey. Three boys are playing cricket. A group of children play a game with a ball and a dustpin lid. Some girls play netball. Two boys are holding a loop while two other boys try to put a ball through the loop. Three boys are practising football skills. Another group of boys practising rugby skills. Some children are playing tennis. A drawing of aeroplanes. A drawing of ducks flying. A drawing of a "stick diagram" illustrating a person standing up side down, the word gravity is written next to it. Another drawing of a person with the word "lift" witten next to it. A drawing of a person jumping. Several drawings of people. Children in the gym exercising. An elderly teacher instructs children in the gym. The teacher divides the class in two groups. The teacher asks one of the groups to illustrates movement exersises. The teacher asks the other group questions rotational symmetry. Close up of a boy answering a question. A boy illustrates rotational symmetry. The teacher talks to a group of children sitting on the floor. A girls illustrates bilateral and rotational floor exercises. Another girl tries to illustrate bilateral symmetry floor exercises. More gymnastic exersises. A boy shows gymnastic exercises. A class with teacher asking questions. Close up of a school boy wearing glasses. Group of children sitting around a table with the teacher. Children answer questions, a photo of the concord is visible behind some of the children. Profile of a school girl. Close up of children's faces. Children are sitting around a table. The teacher speaks to them, some shapes are seen on the blackboard. View of the child with glasses. A child goes to the blackboard and touches the shapes on the board. Close up of the shapes drawn stuck to the board. Slow motion of child doing movement exercises. Another slow motion of a child is doing other movement exercises. Slow motion of two children exercising. Young children dancing. Children stop and freeze their movements. Children drawing and colouring. Close up of a drawing that is bright red with a circle that may represent a wheel. A painting class. Multicoloured tubes. Multicoloured wheel drawings. Children are moving like "wheels". School teacher talks to a boy on the floor. A record is put onto an old record player (50's or 60's). A child is smiling. Wheel drawings. Children dancing. Dangling paper witches. Children try to look terrified. Close up of a child trying to express fear. Children stop in their movements. Children dancing, a child tries to move like an egyptian. More children dancing. Close up of a boy's face, he is talking and smiling. Another close up of a boy's face. Close up of a girl's face, she has ponytails tied with bright pink bubbles. Another close up of a boy's face. Close up of a freckled boy's face. Close up of yet another boy's face. View and then close ups of children's sculptural work. Two children are reading a a story they wrote, other children are listening.
A teacher in a green dress is talking to a group of children sitting on the floor. Children stand up and illustrate movements similar to those done by animals, the teacher walks among them. Children freez their movements. All the children sit down except for one girl who illustrates an animal movement. Children carry on moving some faster others slower. Children sit down and one is singled out by the teacher to illustrate a "springing" movement. Another girl illustrates a different movement. Children sit on the floor with their arms raised to answer questions. A girl illustrates a turn and pressing movement. All the children "turn and press". Close up of a girl reading. Children are "turning and pressing". A boy is "turning and pressing" while carrying a tamborine. More children "turning and pressing". A boy beats a drum while he is turning and pressing. Children move according to different sounds they hear. Four children are moving while others are sitting and others are "frozen". All the children are moving. Children "freeze" their movements. Nursery children walk across a board.

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