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Places + Locations | 1940 | Silent | B/W + Colour


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Czechoslovakia 1940's
Opening intertitle:" The (Czech Lands) of Bohemia and Moravia lie in the heart of Europe and, for the centuries have been the centres of the struggle for freedom and toleration."
Cut to map of Europe entitled "Czechoslovakia, the centre of the European Continent". Cut to exterior shot of passenger boat. This colour footage appears to show a ship departing from the White Cliffs of Dover. Cut to intertitles "Getting There Overland" , and "Through Devastated German towns ". Colour footage of Cologne and train bridges. Panning shot of ornate gothic church. Cut to bomb damaged houses and buildings. Cut to Nuremberg. Further footage of bomb damaged buildings possibly taken from moving train.
Intertitle: "And Unchanged German Villages And Countryside". Various shots of small villages located at the bottom of hillsides unspoilt and undamaged by the ravages of war.
Intertitle: "Country and Town in Bohemia". Cut to close up map of this region of Czechoslovakia.
Intertitle: "Cheb- an Old Border Town". Shots of Cheb centre.
Intertitle: "Farms in the Bohemian Plain are in Strips and Based on Family Labour". Cut to a man threshing wheat and a woman preparing bundles of same. Cut to two cows pulling a makeshift wagon. More shots of rudimentary farm equipment being used to plough the land. Cut to men and women piling up gathered bundles of wheat. Cut to automatic threshing machine.
Intertitle: "No Waste! Every Little Counts". Women picking up shafts of wheat in a flat field.
Intertitle: "Village Life" Cut to bulls pulling makeshift wagon.
Intertitle: "Bread". Bread is sold by an old woman and young boy. Close up of young boys.
Intertitle: "Each Village Has its Geese". Cut to geese crossing the street.
Intertitle: "Many Houses in the Villages have Small Holdings". Both women and men play an active role in the gathering of the harvest. Cut to horse drawn wagon used to transport logs up a hillside.
Intertitle: " Old Towns- A Typical Small Town In Bohemia". Two women walk towards the camera.
Intertitle: "Old Towns Litomysl, An Old Hussite Town". Cut to shot of city centre.
Intertitle: "Old Towns Kitna Hora used to be a great silver mining area". Cut to long shot and medium shot of town with distinctive church in background.
Intertitle: " But It Has A Modern Municipal Theatre". Cut to exterior of new theatre.
Intertitle: "The Mayor of Kitna~ Hora though crippled in a German Concentration Camp, entertained the party and made merry". Cut to middle- aged couple swinging on wooden seats, a cross between a porch and a swing.
Intertitle: " A Bata Shop In Every Village and Town. It sells shoes, rubbers, socks and underwear." Cut to exterior of shop. With 1940s shoes in window (Picture slightly fuzzy and unclear).
End Of Part One.
Part Two.
Prague, The City of Baroque.
Intertitle: "The Hus Monument reflects its' past as the centre of that early Protestant movement." Cut to statues and architecture in Prague. A monk walks past the camera.
Prague- The Commercial Centre. Wencelas Square. Cut to long shot of road leading to Square.
Intertitle: "The Town Hall Burnt by the Germans in 1945". Cut to Square with scaffolding surrounding town hall, obviously in the process of being reconstructed.
Intertitle: "Prague. The Town Hall stands in old Town Square. Here the Czech patriot leaders were executed in 1620. This followed the Battle of the White Mountain at which the Czechs lost their independence. They regained it in 1918".
Intertitle: "Prague. The Lyn Church, once a great Protestant Centre ". Cut to panning shot of exterior of Lyn Church. Excellent medium shot of church with scaffolding clearly visible on side of building. A montage of shots of busy Prague streets. A policeman directs the traffic. Trams ply their route.
Intertitle: "Nailing Down the Traffic Line". Cut to shops, traffic lights at busy intersection. Two men nail down tram lines.
Intertitle: "Prague - the River Ultava on Moldau ". Cut to river shots young boys in punts.
Intertitle: "Views from four sides of a tower on Charles Bridge".
Intertitle:" A walk through minor town" Mala Strana. Cut to shot of characteristic arch bridge with Prague residents walking through. Further shots of Prague streets.
Intertitle: "Prague The Castle Steps".
Intertitle: "Prague The Entrance to the Castle".
Intertitle: "Prague Inside the oldest part of the Castle". Various shots taken from within the castle looking out over rooftops.
Intertitle: "Modern Prague Wencelas Square". Cut to brief shots of Square.
Intertitle: "Very Modern Prague. The Institute of Pensions". Cut to modern office block.
Intertitle: "Very Modern Prague. The Masaryk Homes for old folk". Cut to gardens of old folks home. Cut to exterior shots of cement factory, iron ore plant. Cut to interior of machine shops with men working at lathes. Brief shot of conductors used to carry electrical power lines. Cut to close up of a glass of beer. Black and white shots of women in production line of Pilsen Brewery. Beer bottles being labelled.
Intertitle: "Other waters taken on holiday at Maria'nske' La'sne' a famous Spa". Cut to brief shots of the spa town.
Intertitle: "Holidays by the lakeside. Jevany Trade Union holiday centre". Cut to exterior of plush hotel with people boating on small lake in foreground. Small boys play at lakeside. Young men and women sunbathe.
Intertitle: "An Anglo-Czech W.E.A. summer school at Leviny 1947". Cut to forest glade with man addressing a group of people.
Intertitle: "Mr Patzak, Czech Minister of Education in the wartime government welcomes Ernest Green and the party. Out of the wartime co-operation of Patzak and Green came this joint course for 41 British and 25 Czech adult students. Patzak is seen talking to students who sit at his feet on the ground.
End Of Part two.
Intertitle: "Not 'Lessons' but eager discussion between tutor and students". Cambridge, King's College has been "home" to many summer school students. Cut to King's College, Cambridge circa 1947.
Intertitle: "Cambridge: through the Tudor Gateway into St John's College." Cut to above.
Intertitle:" Cambridge- The great court of Trinity College where Newton and Tennyson studied. (Film badly warped and shrunk at this point).
Intertitle: "Professor Barker welcomes the students and explains".
Intertitle: "Summer schools at work". Lectures entitled "How shall social justice come and can exchanges and prices be stabilised?" Take place. Cut to black and white footage of young men attending lectures.
Jock's difficulty -"When I got only 14/ for my £1.00 in Amsterdam who got the other 61/ ?"
Intertitle: "Learning by discussion social subjects, life as it is lived". Cut to the pamphlet advertising University of Oxford, delegacy for Extra-Mural Studies, Tutorial classes committee. Prospectus W.E.A. Summer School 26th July to 16th August 1941.
Intertitle: "Balliol College Oxford, where many of these groups were studying". Cut to exterior of college with young , men walking on lawn.
Intertitle: "Cambridge summer school women students shared the life of Newnham College and the whole school was entertained by the college one afternoon".
Intertitle: "The weather was dull but the students were not. A treasure hunt was organised". A man with a notepad uses a man's head (who bows before him) as a rest against which he writes down clues to the treasure hunt. Cut to summer school, King's College, Cambridge.
Intertitle: "Learning by Experiment. The Science of Life". Its original Close up of bright yellow cover of Julian Huxley book entitled "Evolution- The Modern Synthesis". Cut to black and white footage of students conducting experiments looking through microscopes, etc.
Intertitle: "Some of the enemies of life. A course on plant diseases." Cut to colour footage of inoculating oats with "rust". Ten days later we see a plant pot which has clearly flowered.
Intertitle: "Some plant diseases caused by fungi". Cut to shot of field of golden wheat. Cut to close-up of potatoes affected by blight.
Intertitle: "Cambridge scientists like Sir Roland Bitten have made two ears of wheat ripen, "where are… breeding varieties resistant to rust" .
Intertitle: "W.E.A. students study their principles and methods in the Cambridge laboratories. Cut to Holywell Manor, Oxford. Private study can be very pleasant . Cut to two young women writing on notepads.
Intertitle: " Private study unpleasant, A biology student's nightmare". Cut to title of book "The Advance of the Fungi" by E.C. Large.
Intertitle: "A training class for the tutors. The Board of Education Inspector is an interested listener".
Intertitle: "The last afternoon on the river." Cut to boats on river being punted.
Intertitle: "Mr Crabble catches a crab".
Intertitle: "The General Secretary talks over with the Scottish District Secretary next years summer schools. Shall you go to one? Black and white footage of a man ploughing a field. Cut to iron ore being smelted. Cut to deck of a sailing or cargo ship. Cut to man carrying slates in a hod up a ladder to a roof.
Intertitle: "Are there W.E.A. classes in your area? If not get them. If there are, get them. If there are, go to them; they are the People's University".

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