Film: 5655

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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I.R.I stands for "Institute for Industrial Reconstruction". Film does contain black and white (b/w) footage. State Industry competes with private enterprise in Italy. Through the I.R.I State is able to control economy. Aerial views of Rome. Iron and Steel Works. Milan-Naples Motorway. Telephone Network. Shipping Fleet. Airline. Shipbuilding. Car Factory. Radio and Television. Investment chart to 1966 shown with turnover figures for the I.R.I. Set up in 1933 following civil disturbances and a run-on the Stock Exchange. B/W scenes. National Economic Policy outlined. World War Two damage to I.R.I's industries including Shipping. But in 1950 work of reconstruction was complete. Three banks are controlled by I.R.I, but each establishment is free to make its own decisions. Film now launches into more detailed look at various industries involved: phone network details with telephone exchange scenes, shipping lines are their routes with b/w launch of ship shown, passenger ships, mammoth ship 'Michelangelo' is launched, scenes aboard passenger vessel, steel Italian miracle! Steel Works with huge vessels and machines including "rolling mill". Pipe production. Cement works. Engineering Industry, Alfa-Romeo factory scenes with car "production line", bus and train carriage factory, nuclear power station under construction with massive turbines. Scene of huge dam in remote mountainous area, fantastic waterfall. Shipyards "diversify" with new initiatives. Another mammoth vessel is launched! Motorway network with scenes of spectacular bridge leading to twin tunnels through mountain! 1950 was the beginning for motorway building in Italy (years before the UK). Further scenes include: Air routes, flight-deck views, DCB's caravels shown in flight, radio and television with television cameras and "Studio Set" with British street with shops, red phone box and Jaguar car. News Broadcast set-up. Intercontinental Communications via Satellite planned, professional training facilities in readiness for the Common Market for "Diploma" engineers and managerial staff. Film closes with summary. Narrator with music.

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