Film: 5656

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | B/W


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Northern Japan 1970's
800 kilometres from Tokyo are the Northern Territories where a peninsula points out into the ocean where the main employment is fishing and sea weed harvesting to produce iodine. But there are problems in this area stemming from the Russian held islands and their waters that cannot be infringed without permission. Since 1945 the Soviets have held these islands as a level to obtain important technology from the Japanese, another more sinister reason is the convenience of using these lumps of rock as stepping stones to invade China. A Japanese sunken ship cannot be salvaged and the coastguard station helps the fishermen stay outside Russian waters. Fish processing factory scenes. Bureau of three men keep records and supervise the well being of the Japanese refugees who fled from the islands in 1945. Ceremony each year with a Soviet Official granting permission for sea weed dredging during a 4 month period starting on June 1st. 330 boat owners involved. An exhibition in Tokyo provides a failure in gaining support for the fishermen and sea weed gatherers. Further along the coast salmon fishers also have problems with fishing limits. Japanese Navy provides a presence 'to provide medical facilities'. Fleet returns to face inspection.

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