Film: 5657

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Commonwealth of the Bahamas 1960's
Opens with underwater scenes and historical details about Columbus etc. In The Bahamas, West Indies, Caribbean, there are over 700 Islands to explore, Georgetown, a tranquil place with a look at the work of a local artist. The regatta, yacht racing, shellfish, Mount Thomson Public School, Vegetable growing, buffet type luncheon. Stocking Island with boats galore small and large. Nightfall and sunset, music and dancing, cotton growing relics and history, harbour island a safe haven with antique cannons, colourful flowers. Tropical island architecture with grace and spacial elegance. Straw market and various products made from straw. Fruits with bananas and citrus with pineapples. Governors harbour, a secure haven for stress. Sophisticated holiday resorts. Golf course, marina, food from the sea at Chubb Quay. Blue Marlin caught. Glorious waters surround the islands, spoonbills, flamingos, spectacular scenes of birds in flight. Largest island is Andross, a paradise for wildlife lovers, unique shots of crabs, live sponges etc. Crafts include items made of raffia and cloth dyeing. Small Hope Bay Lodge for the relaxed life, chess, scuba diving, Communal hot tub. In the evening "Island in the Sun" music, the days merge together and the outside world and its troubles gradually fade away. Treasure Quay with relaxing in the sun with tennis and water skiing. Green Turtle Quay, the hub of the islands with humming birds at work and lots of pretty girls.

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