Film: 5658

Farming + Rural Life | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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How long can the first world consume ? Supermarket scenes in the U.S.A. and subsequent pressures on modern farming.

On Illinois farm problems of land erosion coupled with modern farming methods are discussed. Good land is sold off for other uses to be replaced with poorer quality land. Investments and farming costings along with the competitive situation. Terrace farming to utilise land to the full. Problems of rising debt resulting from escalating land process and machinery. Tax penalties and high interest rates. Dust Bowl Era could return and why. Problems of confusing money with wealth. Maximum profit from the land mean it is ultimate destruction. Conservation needs to be profitable with suggestions on how this can be achieved. Narration by Eddie Albert. Cleaner, Sprayer, Riverboat and Barges on river, combine, Earth Scraper, Grain Silos, Wide range of Tractors, Land Auction scenes, Automated Bakery, Milk packaging plant, Numerous implements in use.

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