Film: 5661

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Liverpool 1970's
A child plays in an alley way between brick buildings, camera zooms out to reveal a dog in the foreground. A small boy in an oversized jumper wonders down a street of derelict Victorian houses, swiping at the ground with a stick, he walks down another alley away from the camera A black boy on a bicycle rieds around, camera zooms out to reveal a wide street of boarded up Victorian houses. Windows of a block of contemporary flats, zoom out to see a piece of land with rubble, children play on the demolished slum sites in the far distance. Close up of a black boy's face. Close up of a black girl's face. Aerial shot of a children's hands playing a game. Close up of a white boy's face. Close up of another black boy's face. Interview with a man with a northern accent talking about children's welfare and a disparity between social backgrounds. Children playing football in a playground. Children's paintings of faces on a brick wall. Wider shot of a painted football goal and children running around in front of it. Primary school teacher with classes. Another shot of the painted wall and children running in a circel in front of it. Wider elevated shot of the playground and kids dancing in a ring. Back to the teacher [?] interview. Two children playing on an old broken sofa on a rubbish site. Children playing on an old building site against a backdrop of Liverpool skyline, camera pans across as a double decker bus drives by behind them. A different angle shot of the same bus behind two boys play fighting on the rubble. The narration reveals this is a play bus run by the community. New shot of the painted bus travelling past a block of flats. Inside the bus - view in the circular mirror, kid in a driver's hat walks past. Two small girls wave out of a window of the bus. Exterior of the bus from the ground, pan across to look ina window which a child inside is painting red [woman's voice talking about the benefits of the play bus).
View of a woman ion a rain coat pushing a red pram, seen from behind walking down a busy street. A mother and small girl walk into a shop from the outside, zoom in on collaged rabbit in the doorway. Inside - a child's painting on a wall, zoom out to reveal this a general store and women doing shopping [narration talks of exhibiting school work in palces in the local community] Close up on middleaged woman's face, zoom out so more women and children are in view in the shop. Outside a butcher's window with meat hanging up and in trays on display, zoom in to see chilren's school work exhibited on the wall inside. Interview with a youg blond woman about what she thinks of the children's pantings. Pan across one of the art works. Shot from behind the butcher's counter and him reflected in his weighing maching while he weighs some sausages. Painted reflected in the otherside of the scales.

A primary school classroom with children of different racial backgrounds sat on the floor in front of their female teacher who sits with her back to the camera, they are playing a game where they are chopping. Inside a different butcehr's shop where the proprietor is chopping up a piece of meat, the children's voices are still singing "chop chop chop". Cut to the children again looking up at the teacher "chop". Back to the meat being hacked. Back int eh classroom, shot of the children from ground level, pan across tehm "chop chop chop". Bucher wrapping a cut of meat in paper on a counter. Classroom. Butcher chopping. Classroom. Butcher's cleaver. Classroom. Point of view shot of the teacher from the ground. Children's aluminium foil model of a cleaver, zoom out to reval a model butcher. Close up on the model butcher's face painted brow. Cut to a real Asian butcher in his shop. Children shout "good morning!" to him as he stands behind the counter smiling at them. Close-up of a plucked chicken hanging in the window, zoom out to se children inside shop with their teacher. They talk to the butcher. Back in the classroom learning about animals and birds, the female teacher holds up a piece of card to show the children. Close-up on a boy listening. Close-up of teacher talking about sausages. Children respondng to questions. Back to the interview with the northern man with sideburns talking about education. Classroom artwork. A new female teacher and classroom talking to children about houses in pictures in front of them. Child at desk with written work, Counting exercise, Exterior of shop window, children and women adults approach the window. Shot from inside loojking out at them. Bulldozer on an old slum sight. Three children and a woman standing watching, there to learn about the builder's work. The children talk to the driver of the bulldozer about what he's doing and what might be built on the site later. Interview with a man with spectacles [teacher?] in a classroom. Chilren and teachers at desks in a classroom. Close-ups. Asian girl wit ribbons in her hair, zoom out to se teacher helping her. Several shots of working. Interview with another male teacher about people not caring enough about schooling. Back to northern man talking about parents lack of control over their children's education in the conemporary world. Parents and children in classrooms. Mothers and children playing. Father. Teachers and mother wearing a headscarf in a busy classroom. Interview with a young mother outside. Another mother wearing a headscarf talking about her own experience being different from the next generation's. Classroom. Male teacher interview about trying to build relationships with parents in order to get a better understanding of the children's needs. Interview with teacher. Children walking through a bleak demolished slum sight. Shot from ground level as they walk over broken paving stones. A smoking pile of rubble in front of a semi-torn down building as it crumbles. [child narrating a poem]. Zoom out of a girl looking out of a window. Family standing on the dteps of their house, zoom out to reveal that the building is the only one left standing in the middle of a demolition sight, very bleak, zooms far out. Classroom exercise with a young male teacher. Pan across a boarded up Victorian terrace. A different row of semi demolished houses, zoom in on empty basement window. Child's painting of a terrace of houses. Interior of a semi- demolished house, the wallpaper peeling off the walls. Children in the classroom screaming. Cut to a falling building crashing to the ground. They are doing an exercise on how it makes them feel to experience the destruction of buildings in their community. Fast cuts between the acting children and demolition. Painting. Gap in terrace of houses looking towards a church in the distance. Classroom exercise. Teacher holds up a photograph of a house that fell down as inspiration for the children's play. New young male teacher/actor talking to the children acting out a scenario. Children responding. Close-up in faces. Interview with teacher about society reluctant to pay attention to schemes which will improve the lives of children from the poorer districts of Liverpool. Woman walks through a smouldering demolition sight with an old buggy, children play around a fire behind her. Wide shot of a boy playing on rubble, zoom out for a wider view of the partially demolished buildings around him. Mother and father walk down a derelict street with a red perambulator. Boy plays in front of garages, zoom out to see massive block of flats.

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