Film: 5662

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Japan 1970's
Introducing different festivals. Mount Fuji, map of Japan. Hokkaido - Sapporo Show Festival 1972. Display of many fantastic snow sculptures. People viewing the sculptures. The Castle - Kanazawa. Hyakumangoku Festival, procession. Fast flowing river. Shrine, Nikko Toshugo Festival, procession. Giant Buddha in Nara. Yabusame festival, Kamakura Hachiman shrine. Horse riding. Archery. Cherry blossoms and shrine. Nagano - Zenkouji Festival. Priests procession. Miko (female servant of God) dancing. Taiko drumming. Aornori-Nebuta Festival. Floats and dancing procession. Fukuoka-Dontaku Festival. Folk dances, floats, geisha girls dancing, shrine. Japanese postcard.
Kyoto: Gion Festival. People carrying Yagura (god altar) on wheel. Procession in old costumes. Himeji Castle. Tokyo: Omikoshi Festival. Tokugawa Hachiman Shrine. Carrying Omikoshi (God Altar). Tattooed men. Children's participation. A shrine. 7,5,3 Children's Festival. Parents and children in kimono at the Meiji Jingu shrine. Sendai - Tanabata Festival/Star Festival, decorated bamboo trees and floats. Island of Sado - Oogi Festival. Women rowing wooden containers.
Toyohama (South of Nagoya) Fishing Festival. A giant Tai fish (sea bream) made of cloth is carried around and into sea. Miwa-jima (Island of Miwa) - Hiroshima. Kangen Festival - Shinto festival with music. Smoke from a volcano. Amano Iwado Shrine. Kagura Festival - Miyazaki. Tengu and Okame (mythological creatures) dance. Nachi no Hi Matsuri (Fire Festival of Nachi) - Wakayama. Fire burning and people with fire. Awa-Odori (Awa Dance) festival - Tokushima. Dancing Festival, procession of people dancing. Some are very funny.

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