Film: 5664

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Short reports on different topics all over Germany:
- A regatta
- A new motorway in the Rhone
- The 500th anniversary of the Frauenkirche, Munich
- Building projects in Munich
- The approaching Olympic games in Mexico City
- Otto Hahn
- A Bauhaus exhibition
- A formula-1 race on the Nurnburg Ring
Yachts at a regatta in Luebeck, Lubeck. The race started in the Bermudas and its length was 6500 kilometres. More yachts, sailing. They sail into the harbour of Travemuende, the finishing place. People, cheering; boats, arriving, and the only girl that took part. The German yacht ' Germania ' is greeted by a row of sailors on the mole. More yachts and participants. Winner is an American yacht sailed by a 76 year old man ( we see him ).
A bus on a motorway , a car returning from the holidays . The new Rhoen motorway or autobahn between Bad Herfeld and Wuerzburg. On the motorway, some fields next to it. A tractor. A bridge over the new motorway. The bus is driving in the motorway. A farmer is piling hay on a cart, under the bridge. ' This is a fine example of modern road building techniques. ' A lorry on the motorway. The field with the tractor, in the background the bridge. The bridge again, and views from the motorway. A bridge above a village. On the motorway. Cars.
Munich. The Frauenkirche. The towers. A picture of it. ( ' The Frauenkirche now is 500 years old. ' ) Some more views of it. People passing a shop of religious artefacts. In the street. Cars, people. The entrance. The inside. Some data about the church. The pulpit.
Munich in summer 1965. The city centre. Passers-by, cars. A bridge for pedestrians. A building-site in the centre. There are 5 projects simultaneously, the Olympia-Stadion, a underground system from north to south, a new metropolitan railway from west to east ( more construction works ), and two city motorways. Workers at the building-sites in the centre. Tourists, watching the works ' For them, the building sites are quite an attraction. ' An excavator.
A fashion show of how the German Olympic team will march into the station in Mexico city. Some male and female models, on a meadow, showing tracksuits. ' Light, airy and practical style. ' They take some suitcases. Athletes in a stadium, running. A race. Bodo Zimmler wins, but not in record time ( These are NOT the Olympics!!! ). Long jump in slow motion, pole in slow motion, high jump in slow motion, hammer-throwing in slow motion (all these seem to be German top athletes). 110m hurdles, partly in slow motion.
A picture of Otto Hahn, discoverer of nuclear fission. He died in Goettingen at the age of 89. A machine ( probably the one he used to split the Uranium-Atom in 1938 ). His laboratory. Hahn in his laboratory, watching, working, talking to colleagues. Theodor Heuss ( first president of the Republic ) , and Hahn. At a meeting. They kiss. The Nobel Prize. A dialogue, Otto Hahn and Max Planck, in 1947. Planck praises Hahn, they both hope that atomic knowledge will be used for humanitarian aims only.
50 years of Bauhaus. The Bauhaus art exhibition 1968 in Stuttgart. A cube, a pyramid and a bowl. A model of a running man. An exhibition hall, with visitors. More visitors, a group of tourists. A still of the Bauhaus work centre in Weimar. A sign: ' Staatliches Bauhaus in Weimar 1919-1923 '. Another Bauhaus building. A wall with portraits of Bauhaus architects. Photograph of the founder, Walter Gropius. More Bauhaus buildings. Paul Klee, sketches of his work. Lionel Feininger. Kandinsky. One of his paintings. They all worked for Bauhaus. The last director Nils van der Ruhr. Back in the exhibition hall. Some examples of the new style (in the 20's) of furniture. Chairs, lamps. Models of houses. The Bauhaus style was very influential. Oskar Schlemmer. One of his paintings. He tried to revolutionize the design of theatre and ballet. Examples of his work for the stage, in the exhibition, dresses or masks with exaggerated, pronounced shapes.
The start of the European Grand Prix for Formula 1 cars on the Nuernburg Ring. Cars racing. A woman, with a list. Bad weather condition. Mist. ' Risky race '. Pictures of early racers. Early racing cars, in a museum: The Mercedes Museum. Back at the race, racing Formula 1 cars on the ring. The mist grows thicker. A short description of the race, racing cars. Spectators with umbrellas. The winner, crossing the finishing line. James Stuart Stewart ?, the winner.

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