Film: 5666

Education | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Looking at the games children play 1970's The different attitudes towards play of children in private schools to those who are not. Posh kids talk a lot about 'common' kids.

Classroom. Children have lunch. Three boys say rhymes. Children sing All things bright and beautiful. Posh girl gets out of a taxi. A child plays Cat's Cradle. Classroom in a state school, playground. Girls skip and sing a rhyme. French (or German) skipping. Some sort of tag game played by boys in the toilets, they must not touch the ground.
Posh girls in a ballet class.
Children in playground sing knees up mother brown.
Posh boys play squash.
Children in playground sing 'there's a tiny house, by a tiny strea…' and Popeye the sailor man, and Who has stole my watch and chain my fair lady…
Posh boys march like soldiers onto a playing field. One boy commands them. They drill like real soldiers. (Does not look like fun)
Children in a playground play rock paper scissors. Boys play a tag or tig game while hopping around the playground.
Posh boy talks about going to Buckingham Palace to see his father receive a medal. Says he wants to be a brigadier or general in the military like his father, so he can command men. He says the Queen talked longer to the handsome men as they received their medals.
School dinner.
Posh boy talks about going on a shoot and shooting pigeons. But he gets bored with it after a while. Another posh boy says he thinks playgrounds are awful and that he would never like to go to a playground.
Girls in a playground play two little dickie birds sitting on a wall, fly away peter fly away paul…Girls play hopscotch…boys play a card flicking game while singing a football song…Boys play football in a concrete play ground.
Posh boys play a round of golf on a nice golf course.
Children in a playground play doctor doctor…the hokey cokey…A sailor went to sea sea sea…clapping games…boys play a clapping game…4 girls play a clapping game…children juggle balls while singing rhymes…game throwing a ball against a wall…rhymes about Tom Thumb, Cinderella, Cilla Black…children sing When Suzie was a baby.
Posh school, a model village is laid out on a desk and posh boys push toy cars around the streets, under supervision. Posh boy says he thinks marriage is good as it gives you someone to look after and they can do the cooking and cleaning and shopping and make the beds (sounds more like he will be looked after rather than he will look after someone else).
Girls in a playground sing and dance to a rhyme…boys sing rude rhymes…children talk about kissing games…what's the time, half past nine, hang your knickers on the line…
Posh boys in choir sing Gloria. Posh boys in sports uniform crawl on hands and knees in a wood. They are playing soldiers. They pretend to shoot each other and throw hand grenades. The pretend to die. Cut to a board at school listing the names of former pupils killed in action. Posh boy talks about reading books on soldiering, he wants to be at the top of the military so he can command men.
Kids in an adventure playground swing of tyres hanging from ropes…climbing over piles of tyres…jumping over things and climbing.
Posh girl says common boys and girls swear. She says there is a mews near where she lives and the common children from the mews play in the street. She seems frightened by them. Posh boy looks close to tears and says that common children swear. Posh boy says he wants to be an M.P. when he grows up so that he can have advantages and be in charge of a constituency. Another posh boy says he likes to read the Financial Times as he has shares in a company and likes to see how they are doing (he is about 12).
Boy in playground says he wants to be a lorry driver.
Posh boy talks about the trouble he would find himself in if all the money in stocks and shares and his capital crashed like the Depression in America in 1929.
Girl in playground says that kids that go to posh school learn different things so that they can get a big job, but she says not everyone wants a big job. She says that rich people are happier that poor people but she does not mind as she is happy with what she has.
Posh boys as alter boys.

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