Film: 5668

Medicine | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Dangers of backstreet abortions.
Shots of back streets of unidentified Mediterranean town, stairways, balconies , policeman directs traffic ,various shots of trams, traffic, streets , steam comes from chimney , various shots of streets and houses , dark, high-walled alleyways , middle-aged man sits, distraught, with his head in his hands , woman looks sad , close-ups of unfinished food , little boys look sad , little girl staring straight ahead ,the family are in desperate poverty and now the woman is pregnant again, its another mouth to feed, close-up of fingers rolling a piece of bread, cut to little girl with bread , close-up of distraught man's face , young woman puts bread into her mouth and chews slowly , close-shots of hands touching , sad-looking young woman reluctantly puts on hat ,( the implication is that she may consider an abortion ) cut back to her distraught father.
Woman steps through front door onto street , pulls up coat around her, close shot of her sorrowful face , she walks down a sloping road , after looking around carefully, she opens a letter which we see in close-shot , sunset through the trees , a streetlamp comes on , night-time shot of the town [ BLURRY ] , moon on the water, cut to shot of sea with horizon , close-up of streetlamp to show bulb , various shots of city lights , close-shot of hand, then of two hands crossed, then young woman's face , legs of a figure walk through a front door, onto the street and along the pavement , various shots of legs and feet walking along cobbled pavement ,man speaking on the telephone , man puts telephone back onto receiver , ambulance comes out of stone gateway and drives along roads, through town, stops outside house , two men in caps get out of ambulance , cut back to face of young girl, who lies with her arms crossed over her chest ,young white-coated doctor sits at desk; listens to one telephone then puts it down, dialling on another phone , men in caps remove what looks like a large box, with a white bundle attached, from the back of their car , ambulance men) cover a table with a white blanket as the young girl's father looks on , men lift the young girl and lay her on the blanket, tucking it around her face , father looks on, depressed , little boy looks on as the young girl is carried away on a stretcher ....
nurse attaching blood-pressure sleeve to girl's arm , girl being wheeled on bed , close-shot brushing disinfectant onto girl's arm , medium shot of crossed hands , mitten tied over girl's hand , overhead shot - girl lies in bed with pressure-sleeve attached to arm , injection into arm , various shots of masked surgeon inserting drip into arm , bandaging arm .
girl walks down road, passing motorcycle in background , leg-shot of man digging in earth, breaking rocks, spinning, foreman blowing whistle , woman runs along building-site with wicker hamper, stop spinning , man climbs down from crane , building workers walk across site, some smoking cigarettes .
young woman with hamper smiles and shields her eyes against the sun , she waves, close-up of young woman smiling , laying out lunch - wine, olives etc. , young woman affectionately shakes hands with man, her husband who sits down next to her , various shots of them eating and talking / brief shot of crane , shots of building with scaffolding , close-up of young woman looking shy and nervous yet flirty, young woman whispering in man's ear , she has told him she is pregnant, they embrace, the man resting his face on the woman's belly , various shots of young couple smiling and talking , workers walking across building-site , man shakes young woman's hand and leaves , woman collects remnants of picnic and places them into her basket .....
woman walks across building site , man waves from crane , woman waves back from ground , shot of man's feet as he climbs up centre of crane, one man shovels earth into a sack which another man holds , control panel , man pushes lever , sparks across metal of crane rig , woman smiles , man falls from crane as he is electrocuted, woman looks horrified . The implication is that without the father she may consider an abortion. Other workman running. The woman starts running. Workman taking their hats off, the woman pushes her way through and then holds her stomach.
The interior of a room. A man dressing, seen through the reflection of a mirror. Close up of a dolly. The man, who is talking, puts his jacket on. A woman is sitting on a sofa looking down in a sad way. The man opens a door, puts his hat on then walks out. The man walking down a stair, looking around with circumspection. Two women on a terrace, hanging out the washing. One of them looks down and sees the man walking away. The man jumps on a tram, then he spots a young woman in the tram's first carriage and quickly gets off the tram to jump on the tram's first carriage. The woman who was left in the room is now sitting on her bed talking to another woman. She looks sad. The other woman sits on the bed beside her. The man already seen is now at work in a warehouse. He speaks to another man. The two women sitting on the bed, one of them is weeping and sobbing. The other woman stands up and shuts the window shutters. The woman is now in a doctor's surgery, the doctor is sitting at his desk. The woman sits down on a chair. The doctor and the woman talking, then the doctor stands up. Close up of the woman. The doctor washes his hands in a basin then dries them and stands right in front of the woman. The woman, who looks very worried, stands up and is accompanied by the doctor out of the surgery. The doctor calls another woman in. The woman sits down and hands a letter to him. Close up of the letter. The doctor gives back the letter to the woman. A building - a hospital? A man carrying a small piece of luggage and a woman walking in the snow towards the building. A man sitting down writing. A woman sitting on a chair is called by a nurse. An operating theatre. A syringe is inserted in a woman's arm. The arm is bandaged and the woman's blood is put in a test tube, then poured in a circular box, which is placed in an incubator ( for bacteria). A close up of the box. A woman walking in narrow streets. Shots of houses. An aged woman is sleeping on her bed. The woman outside rings a bell. The aged woman (abortionist) wakes up, raises her head from the pillow then opens the door. Shots of houses. The woman and the older one in a room. Surgical instruments. A woman in a hospital bed. The aged woman prepares a bed on which the other woman sits, then takes off her shoes and stockings. The woman lies down. The aged woman switches the light on . Close up of the closed shutters of the window from the outside. A nurse pulling a surgical mask on. A sink. Bowls are taken from a steriliser. Close up of a clock. A surgeon washes his hands . Nurses washing their hands. A surgeon wears his gloves. The aged woman washes her hands in a rusty bucket. The young woman lying on the bed worried and sad. The operating theatre in the clinic. The surgeon's face, performing an abortion. A nurse assisting. The woman is lying in a clean hospital bed recovering, holding a bunch of flowers, while a nurse is taking her temperature. The aged woman's face. The young woman lying on the bed in pain. She bites her finger. The aged woman looking in horror. The young woman's head turns - she is dead.

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