Film: 5669

Medicine | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Dangers of abortion, part two.
The entrance of a prison. Close up of a woman's face. The main prison door. A drawing showing a woman's reproductive apparatus. A model of a woman's genitalia. Some real damaged organs. Another model of a woman's reproductive organs on which the arising of an infection is shown. A woman lying in a hospital bed. A doctor shows the resulting effects of an infection caused by a back street abortion. A model of a woman's genitalia, where the spread of an infection is shown. A monitor. A funeral. a coffin in a cart pulled by a horse and followed by a man holding a boy's hand.
Woman in bed doing exercises. Close up of a woman's feet moving in order to improve the blood circulation. A woman doing sit-ups on a hospital bed. A drawing representing a woman's pelvis. A woman undergoing a general medical check up (blurred). Doctors examining some x-rays. A model is used to show the position of the baby. A nurse. two nurses preparing an operating theatre. Surgical instruments are lined up on a little table. A woman in a wheeled bed is pushed by two nurses into an elevator or lift. A surgeon's face. The surgeon wears his white coat. The woman lying in the bed is pushed by the nurses out of the elevator. Another surgeon. View of the operating theatre. A surgeon wearing his white coat, some gloves and some white rubber shoes. A pregnant woman is placed on the operating table. A surgeon's face. Close up of the lamps switching on. Surgical instruments. The stomach of the woman is covered. The surgeon making his incision. The stomach is cut open. A baby is pulled out. The umbilical cord is cut. The cut is sutured. The baby's umbilical cord is completely cut off. The cut on the woman's stomach is bandaged. The baby is washed. The woman in a wheeled bed with her new-born baby., pushed by two nurses. Close up of the scar. Close up of the baby sleeping. A nurse taking some clothes from a steriliser.
A pregnant woman lying in a bed. The woman's face. A drawing showing the baby inside a woman's stomach. A doctor ready for delivery of a baby. Childbirth. The woman's face. The doctor holding a new born baby - the woman smiles. The umbilical cord is cut. A caesarean birth. The baby screaming while he is washed. A little label is tied at his wrist. The woman in bed holding a new born baby. Close up of the baby's face. Nurses carrying babies walking down a corridor. A nurse putting a baby on a scale. Babies sleeping in their little beds. A nurse dressing a baby. Close up of the baby's feet. The baby is wrapped up in a blanket. A woman washes her hands, in her bed. Then she breastfeeds him. A nurse bottle feeding a baby. Shots of a few babies sleeping. Nurses in a corridor. A nurse wakes a baby up. A nurse cuts the label off a baby's wrist and gives it to a woman, then she puts some bandages across the baby's stomach and dresses the baby. The woman carrying the baby in her arms, gives him to a man who was waiting outside. The man gives the baby back to the woman and both start walking, accompanied by a nurse. The woman holding the baby in the back seat of a car. People, cars and buses moving in a street. An aerial view of the street.

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