Film: 5670

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Scenes in Cancer Institute in Manchester 1960's
Doctors and chemists at a discussion on treatment - radiation. Diseases are considered re cause, nature and treatment. Shot of live crab and model of dinosaur.
Causes considered - old stills of chimney sweeps and mill workers. Incidence of cancer varies in different countries - street scenes in United States and India.
Microscope slides of cells. X-ray of foetus. Abnormal slides seen growing. Doctor is seen lecturing on use of radiotherapy. Mice are seen receiving radiation. Mouse with bone marrow cancer is examined.
Scenes in doctor's laboratory, talking to staff. Experimental worms in jar.
Ford's at Dagenham - Collection for Cancer Research. Fete at High Wycombe for charity - Scots dancing.
Committee discuss lines of research - allocation of funds. Street scene in Uganda. Scientist discusses treatment of a lymphoma. Geographical distribution varies - depends on rainfall and temperature, which favour a virus.
Scenes in laboratories - drug for treatment of cancer. Tests on mice shown. Drugs affect healthy cells as well as cancer cells. Mice can become immunised against certain tumours. Operation on sheep with cancer is shown.
Final shot of Chester Beatty Institute then of crab walking on beach.
Interesting shots of Sir Alex Haddow, Sir Charles Dodds and Sir Denis Burkitt.

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