Film: 5680

Education | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Young man " Arnold " in pyjamas sleeps in his bedroom. He seems to be experiencing an anxious sleep as his head tosses from side to side and perspires. His mother draws open the bedroom curtains, telling him to get up. Arnold rubs his eyes: The mother is finishing packing an open suitcase. Shots of mother and Arnold talking, she whilst packing his suitcase and he from his bed. Mother hands Arnold a cup of tea. A leafy suburban road, semi- detached houses, flowers in full bloom in the front gardens. Young woman walks down the stairs. She wears a blue dress suit, white scarf and carries a white handbag. Her mother adjusts her hat in the living room mirror as the young woman enters. Her mother turns around to look at the girl. The young woman unhappily looks at her mother as they talk. The mother fusses over the girl's scarf, walks over to the cabinet by the window to pick up her handbag and then sits down on the settee. She starts to lecture her daughter Katie which only brings an unhappy response from Katie. Mother and Katie continue conversation, now both sitting on the settee.

In the back of a car, father (bushy eyebrows, moustache) and son (with open sports bag on lap, which includes football boots, tennis racket and cricket bat) engage in conversation. Katie's father in trilby hat walks into the living room and announces the arrival of the taxi. Katie and mother sand up and exit room into the hallway. Suitcases and a box with two pans hanging off it are stacked up in the hallway which Katie glumly looks at. Father walks out into the hall and discusses the cases with Katie.
Shot from the top of the front garden path. The front door opens, and Katie, mother and father walk out. Katie and mum stop midway and discuss matters. They start walking up the garden path, dad carrying the suitcases.
In the back seat of the car again where father and son (with sportsbag) sit. Shot from the driver's viewpoint which shows the car (Rolls Royce) turning right into Marylebone Station. View from inside the station as the Rolls Royce drives in over the small ramp and draws to a standstill, revealing the chauffeur and father and son. The son, Clive, gets out of the car and walking around the back of the Rolls- Royce raises the hand into the air. At that moment, the father sticks his head out of the car window and calls him over. They enter into a short conversation as the British rail porter waits behind Clive. Father hands Clive a one- pound note, which is immediately passed onto the porter who takes Clive's sportbag. The Rolls Royce drives away as Clive and the porter chat.
At the bus station Arnold is hugging his mother saying goodbye. They stand next to a National Express Coach and in between mother and son is Arnold's push-bike. View from inside the coach's luggage compartment as Arnold gives the bike to the coach driver to put inside. Arnold walks back around and sees his mum climbing onto the bus. He quickly follows her onto the bus and they have a short discussion which the mother cuts short by getting her handkerchief, licking it and rubbing Arnold's cheek with it. This is not to Arnold's liking as he grimaces and protests.
On the railway station platform, Katie and mother have a few last words before departure. Father, having finished loading Katie's luggage onto the train, steps off and joins into the conversation. All three stop talking and look in front of them. A young man in glasses, shirt, tie and blazer (school uniform) nervously smiles at them and fidgets with his cap. The fathers continues talking to Katie. Close-up of father handing Katie a five- pound note. He kisses her on the cheek, followed by the mother embracing Katie. A last few words, then mum and dad link arms, turn around and start walking away, mum visibly upset. She turns around to look at Katie and then they proceed again. The nervous young man then starts to walk towards Katie. He (Simon) joins her next to the train and they talk, which turns into a minor argument as Simon worries what his older girlfriend Katie will get up to in university. Sequence of head shots of Simon and Katie arguing. She starts to cry.
In the first class compartment on the train, Clive sits with three older men who read broadsheet newspapers. Clive starts a converstaion with man in glasses who is reading the Financial Times. Head shot of other man watching this scene, who then interrupts Clive, correcting him regarding a point. The man in the glasses looks up at the man opposite and smirks.
Sitting next to the window on the coach, Arnold nods to his mum. Mother with sad face, waves goodbye. The coach moves off and Arnold waves and smiles at mum.
Head shot of Katie crying on the train. She sits next to some nuns who look at each other and then Katie. Katie breaks down even more, putting her head down as she sobs.
Arnold sits on the coach and starts talking to himself. The man next to Arnold quizically looks at him. The man who had corrected Clive in conversation, stands up and walks out of the compartment. Clive tries to start another conversation with man reading the Financial Times.
Clive wanders around the student hall with other first year students, looking at the different student societies to be joined. Shot of the Orchestra Society banner. Some freshers stand watching a student behind a table ringing hand bells. Walking and looking around in this hall is Arnold as well as Katie. A student signs up for a society. A girl with glasses hands out leaflets to students. Katie makes her way through the crowd. Head shot of closely- cropped student asking for memebers to join Anarchist society. A student on a motorbike makes his way through the crowd in the hall. Arnold's head pops up the crowded scene. Various close-ups of a new wave type band playing on stage in the hall: Bass guitarist and singer, behind him the drummer in Union Jack blazer. Clive nods his head in rhythm to the music. Camera pans across other students watching who jig up and down, until coming to Katie's worried face. The camera moves down the line until coming to Arnold's face who looks intensely. Close-up of guitarist playing. Head shot of Katie in the crowd. The drummer shakes his head from side to side. Close-ups of Labour student badges displayed on table, a headline stating: 'Conservatism you know it makes sense', and a student magazine title, WOW issue one. A student with long hair and glasses sitting behind a able rises a clapperboard (which has chalked on it: join the film club), and snaps it shut. Shots of the band are intercut with other students trying to publicize their societies. Katie walks in to join the large queues for enrolment with the registry. The camera pans down one of the queues before cutting in with more shots of the band. The end of the song is greeted by applause from the students, some of whom have adopted a punk or new wave style of dress.
The camera pans down the queue of students awaiting official registration. Clive waits behind a girl who gives her details to an university official who sits at a table. She hands her letter from the local authority to the registrator, who after looking at it tells the girl where to sign. The girl collects her cheque and wanders off. Next in line, Clive presents his letter but is interrupted by the girl who comes back to ask where she can cash her cheque. The registrar impatiently tells her where to cash the cheque and she walks off again. Clive steps up to the table and states his name to the registrar, who tells Clive that his cheque hasn't arrived yet. Close-up of Clive's face, a look of puzzlement and anger. Clive turns away and walks in between the queues of students. Students drink and chat in the student union bar. From behind the serving area, the camera pans across the bar to reveal studets with notes in their hands waiting to be served. Others drinking, smoking, and talking. Katie manoeuvres herself in between student smoking cigarette and his friend to ask for an orange juice. Head shot of Clive ordering drinks, which includes Katie's orange juice. She turns to look at him and thanks him. They introduce themselves to each other (Clive making the first move). They proceed to have a short conversation whilst waiting for the drinks to be served. Clive goes to put his hand in his inside jacket pocket and then remembers he hasn't any money. He turns around to ask Arnold (now also standing at the bar) for assistance. Head shot of Katie looking over giving a demure smile. Arnold reacts to this very positively, his eyes widening and a smile across his face.
Long shot of Clive, Katie and Arnold walking down a footpath on campus. Walking down the path, the three engage in conversation regarding first day at university matters. Clive puts his arm around Katie. They stop as girl (from the queue who asked where to cash her cheque) walks across their path carrying two stacks of books wrapped in brown paper and a large shoulder bag. Clive asks her a question regarding her books. She looks down at them and slightely lifts the two stacks of books as she answeres. Informing them that she has spent her grant cheque on the books, she raises her eyebrows and turns to walk away. Clive with his arm around Katie and Arnold sit on a park bench in the picturesque surroundings of the campus, amongst the trees and next to a pond. Arnold looks down at the grass sniffing to break the silence and attracting attention. Clive drinks his bottle of Coca- Cola while Katie looks over at Arnold and asks what is the matter. They discuss the matter of accomodation, all the time Clive and Katie sitting closely next to each other whilst an empty bottle occupies the gap between Katie and Arnold. Clive pulls ut a piece of paper from his inside jacket pocket, from which he reads the address of his accomodation. He then takes Katie's hand and thety smile at each other.
A red double decker bus passes. Arnold and another man waiting at bus stop. Clive asks the man for directions.
Student girl (flatmate of Katie) fills kitchen cupboard with tins and packets of food, whilst telling Katie she should not fall for the first boy she meets. She turns to another cupboard, which is empty and proceeds to put some tins and packets inside. Then she walks into the living room which is filled with boxes containing Katie's things, in this case pots and pans, plates. Katie walks into the kitchen with a pile of saucers and then back into the living room. She sees her flatmate pulling out numerous packets of kippers from her suitcase. Katie frowns as she tells her flatmate that she hates kippers. Her flatmate walks over to the washing machine with a pile of kippers in her hand; places them on a worktop next to the sink and opens the washing machine, thinking it is a refrigerator to put her kippers in.
A red double decker pulls in at a bus stop or shelter, as the rain falls heavily. An old man and Clive step off the bus. The old man (in flat cap) explains to Clive how to find the road he had inquired about as they stand in the bus stop shelter. The old man walks off, leaving Clive to contemplate his next move. Clive lifts the lapels of his jacket and holding his bag runs off in the rain.
In the university refectory the camera moves across scenes of students sitting at tables with cups of tea or coffee until arriving at table of four students, one of which is Arnold. They are discussing the problems of the first day, not being able to get through to their parents. Arnold tries to raise morale which results in an admiring sideward glance from girl student (Miranda Richardson) next to him. Down a darkened street Clive walks in the rain. Katie lies reading in her bed. She asks her roommate, Gilly, a question. Gilly, who is in the kitchen, wearing a dressing gown decorated with Chinese dragons, answers. Katie continues the conversation whilst in bed. Gilly holds up a kipper in the kitchen doorway and asks if Katie would like some. Clive finally arrives at his accommodation address. He stops at the gate and looks at the large, semi-detached house, walks up to the front door and rings the bell. The door is opened by a rotund middle aged woman in yellow cardigan. A rather wet Clive, hair stuck down on his forehead, inquires if the person is Mrs. Willerby. She taking off her glasses tells him how lucky he is that she has not let the room go yet and tells him to come inside.
Lying half uncovered in bed with chest showing, Arnold is dreaming and talking in his sleep.
Arnold, Katie and Clive sit in train station waiting room. Behind them is a Christmas tree. All three are wearing university scarves , Clive's scarf being worn in rather a foppish manner slung across his shoulder. Arnold offers Clive some money, which he declines. But after showing Arnold and Katie that he only has 35 pence, he takes up the offer of Arnold's five- pound note. All three get up, picking up their bags and suitcases and file out of the waiting room door. Inside the station a girls school choir sings Christmas carols in between two Christmas trees. A young man with glasses (Katie's boyfriend from the railway platform goodbye scene) makes his way past the choir and up to the railings of the platform. Katie appears and greets Simon with tight-lipped smile. Simon smiles, they link arms and engage in conversation, walking slowly. Katie is busy giving Simon advice about being a first- year university student, while Simon unsuccessfully tries to tell her what is on his mind. Finally he manages to say that he has found a new girlfriend. On hearing this news, Katie's face breaks into a smile and she hugs Simon. They say goodbye to each other. She then walks over to a luggage trolley, and calls to someone waiting behind the bags and suitcases. Arnold appears from behind, bags in his hands, kisses Katie and they walk out towards the station exit. Katie gives him last second advice before they meet her parents waiting outside. They walk past the girl's school choir. Close- up of the girls singing carols. Filmed at Southampton University.

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