Film: 5688

Social History | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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The 1930s.
Small group of unemployed ex-soldiers appeal for work, soup kitchen for unemployed men, labour exchange queues, hunger marches, man looks into dustbin, two alcoholics share a bottle of spirits, China-Japanese War, Cathay Hotel in ruins, crowds of people fleeing the Japanese, Mussolini inspects a line of soldiers from a podium, Stalin and a May Day parade of troops and tanks. Hitler at a smaller rally in full flow of speech. League of Nations offices. Delegates arrive. Ramsay MacDonald and the cabinet, he speaks about his cabinet. Mr Thomas a trade union man, Landsbury and Oswald Mosley say they will sort out the country's problem of unemployment at 2.5 million. Mosley speaks of action on unemployment. Wall street crowds of dealers waving papers indicating the crash. Riots. Jarrow Crusade marchers holding banner in the rain. Riots in Germany at a Communist rally. Hitler rallies. Massed gymnastics. Rambling in England. Hikers in countryside all with rucksacks, crossing a stream, cricket, Don Bradman at the Oval, tennis at Wimbledon, walking on the promenade , Chinese refugees, riot in India, idle dockyards, George V, Ramsey MacDonald in crisis, all National Government, men in top hats outside the Houses of Parliament. Von Papen in Germany, riots, people withdraw their money from a bank, Mussolini waves to crowd. Trouble in India. Churchill speech. MacDonald speaks of country's troubles, election speech, woman speaker appeals for twelve hour working day, capitalism discussed. Lots of people electioneering, Mosely on soapbox in the East End of London, National Government elected, George V at Naval Review, Roosevelt on a platform. Cafe society. Hitler in civvies, Hindenburg, Hitler at various microphones , Nuremburg rallies, crowds, Hitler next to Hindenburg at the opera. World Economic Conference. Arthur Henderson speaks at a disarmament's conference. Pacifist march. Speakers on renouncing war. Mussolini on a huge podium. Hitler reviews troops. Blackshirts and Mosley, he reviews them then they march into the East End, Broadcasting House of the BBC, drama being broadcast, aerials, George Bernard Shaw at the microphone, H.G. Wells talks, G.K. Chesterton, Bertrand Russell, George V broadcasts, panoramas of rooftops, people listening to the radio, Queen Mary on visits. Silver Jubilee celebrations, people at Buckingham Palace gates, Mussolini on Abyssinia. MacDonald and Mussolini. Baldwin. Italian troops and Abyssinian troops. Haile Selassie. Anthony Eden speaks about action for Abyssinia. Haile Selassie at the League of Nations. Baldwin speaks.

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