Film: 5689

Social History | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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The 1930's.
German military might, motor parade, artillery columns into the Rhineland, Women greet the German troops, Hitler in Cologne, Spain - streets fights, artillery firing, Spanish soldiers shoot rifles, Republican fighters, towns in ruin, signs saying Viva Il Duce. Mussolini's troops and German soldiers in Spain with Franco. International Brigade off to war though streets of Britain. Franco giving out medals. Tributes to dead of Spanish Civil War. George V dies, queues outside Westminster Abbey. Funeral procession and crowds. Windsor Castle. Proclamation of Edward VIII. He inspects troops. Visit to Wales, mining villages. Trooping the Colour. Debutantes and garden parties, ladies curtsey to the King. Mrs Simpson and the King on a pedal boat in Portugal. The king canoeing and Wallis Simpson in a swimming costume on a balcony. Buckingham Palace, people waving small union jack flags outside Parliament. Baldwin outside 10 Downing street, Abdication speech of Edward VIII, coronation of George VI, Baldwin resigns, Chamberlain talks about rearmament of Britain. Chinese and Japanese soldiers on the march. Soldiers at the Great Wall of China. Nazi rally. Large swastika flags, Hitler Seig Heil, torchlight procession, Fascist soldiers in Venice,St Marks Square, huge crowds wave handkerchiefs, Dollfuss on a balcony, people salute in Austria, Hitler and Mussolini on a balcony and at train station and in a car. Lord Halifax visits Goering in his country house. Ribbentrop at conference, League of Nations, delegates outside and going in. Ribbentrop speaks outside an aircraft. Nazis in Austria, lots of crowds and flag waving. Newspaper headlines in England. Benes, prime minister of Czechoslovakia. Chamberlain off to see Hitler then reports Hitler wants peace. Chamberlain looking very smug. Munich conference. People signing documents. Chamberlain waves paper and says England and Germany will never go to war . Sudetenland invaded. Hitler eats his lunch in a field with German officers. Hitler eats soup off trestle table. Chamberlain in Italy with Mussolini. German newspaper headline on Memel and Lithuania. Churchill talks about national service. Men joining up. Conscripts learning how to use a machine gun. Soldiers putting on gas masks. Women marching in uniform. Sand bagging, barrage balloons. The Maginot line. French defences inspected. Molotov gets out of a car. Nazi-Soviet pact. Planes in the air, bombing a bridge factory, children evacuees. Close-ups of children with labels on. Waving them off on a train. Big Ben and declaration of war. People arrive at Houses of Parliament. Sirens and people going into a shelter.

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