Film: 5690

Geography | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Map of the world; closes in on Australia 1960's

Shot of a lady in a hat, followed by numerous other shots of every day Australians, many of whom feature in the following film. People waving from a ship deck, new arriving immigrants. More shots of people. A ship sails as the sun sets. An old lady looks on. A young girl and her mother look on. A woman scratches her nose. A hatted woman, seen before. A boy; these are faces of immigrants arriving seeing Australia for the first time; shot across a river to a city. A shot of a deck (?); closes in on elderly people. A boy stands on deck watching. A couple chat. A group dressed in suits and dresses wave. Those on deck wave. A boy waves. A man carries suitcases down the gang plank. Another man wheels one along. Passengers disembark with their luggage. A woman kisses a younger man. A couple kiss. Two men kiss. A man with a baby stands before Sydney Harbour bridge. A sign: "Gibin Romano Napoli Sydney Australia".

Aeroplanes. A plane's nose. An engine. The tail of a TAA aircraft; pans to show a white craft. Passengers walk from an Alitalia plane. People walk towards the terminal. Point of view shot from a moving car of modern one-storey housing. An 'A' frame house, under construction. A man saws. Construction of a house. A man hammers. A child hammers. Children, they play and sing. They paint with their hands. An artist mixes her paints. She looks intently at the canvas. Shot of a painting of a nude. Close-up of others painting. A young man works as a wood carver; he scrapes up wood. A drill drills. There is an explosion. A digger collects rubble. The vehicle's caterpillar tracks. A bulldozer. Men drill into the concrete. Surveyors at work. A lorry in a building site; Sydney Harbour bridge can be seen behind.

Sydney Opera House under construction; workmen scale the roof. Behind is the bridge; a boat goes past. From the Opera House can be seen the city as a whole, as well as its harbour. A road junction. A city road. Various motorway shots. A woman wearing a scarf, in a soft-top car (with the roof down), pays a toll and crosses the Harbour Bridge. Commuters. They emerge from St. James station. Above a skyscraper. Car travels alongside them, a shot of them looking skywards. A policeman blows his whistle and beckons pedestrians. They cross the street. Shops. Skyscrapers, including the 'Caltex' building. The lady drives past Caltex. A man buys some fruit. Camera pans in to show three ladies sitting at a outdoor restaurant table. An office block says "Australia Square"; pans up to show a circular office building. A woman looks up. A skyscraper stands behind palm trees and a statue.

A woman teaches swimming strokes beside the shore. Wearing a red swimsuit, she dives into the water and swims along a lane. A child with a rubber ring swims. The swimmer (former Olympic Champion Jan Andrews) reaches the opposite end; she picks up her son from a man; behind a wave crashes. A little boy walks beside his mother, pushing a pram. Two boys eat ice-cream. Shot of a house on Perth's London Court (a full-scale replica of an Elizabethan street); crowds walk by. A young woman walks by. Others do the same. Walking feet. An old man smokes. Return to feet shot. A man smokes. A woman glances. Two more walk by; one wears an unusual hat. A woman looks. People walk by shops; pans out to show the street. Shot of a Perth skyscraper; pans to show a tree-lined boulevard. Children play with aeroplanes.

A man in a hat tends to his garden. Flowers. A number of shots of Western Australia's 7000+ types of wild flowers; over half those known in the world. A combine harvester. A workman operates it. Shot of grain building up in a pile. A pineapple is picked. A girl and adults pick the fruit. A banana tree is bent down. Bananas are carried away. Grapes are picked. A tractor pulls them away. Shot of a cracked, dry river bed. A tree pulled out by its roots. Trees lay dead for want of water. Rain falls on plants. Tracking shot of a forest of dead trees. Aerial view of a live forest. A massive waterfall. Rushing water. A fast-flowing river. Tracking shot of concrete cylinders, about the height of a man (two walk past). A river valley in New South Wales, a sign indicates a Reservoir top water-level. A sign with a diagram of Jindabyne Dam; pans to show the dam under construction. A digger tips rubble out. A workman helps a digger to reverse. A mountain of rubble. Three workmen in discussion. Another drives a machine. Other shots of workers; one of the most cosmopolitan workforces in the country. Water rushes down; pans out to show a massive waterfall by the dam. Similar shots. A water pipe running through an arid landscape (though some trees grow). The longest straight run of railway tracks in the world; Australia's trans-continental railway. Shot from a train of a spartan landscape. A land rover approaches; pans right to show a motorway under construction. A vehicle flattens the rubble. Point of view from within the caterpillar track vehicle. A road is flattened/ tarmacced. Aerial view of motorway. Shot from an all but deserted road' high rock walls on either side. One wall. Vast grazing lands populated by a number of sheep from a moving car.

A tree has bent on its side. A sheep tends to its lambs. A lamb suckles its mother. A Crocodile Dundee-like farmer and his family watch. Close-up of a freckled boy. Other boys. A lamb cries out. A boy carries a lamb; a vast herd walks by behind. Wool is prepared. Wool offcuts. A large storehouse of wool. An Asian man examines the wool; Asia is an important new market for Australia. A man smokes a pipe. An Asian man watches. An office block with "Sydney Wool Exchange" on its side; pans in to the word 'wool'. Shot from within; in a courtroom-like setting an auction takes place; the auctioneer bangs his mallet. Close-up of traders. Close-up of the auctioneer. Men write details down. The hammer falls.

A number of coins fall on a pile. A man watches intently. A minting machine at work. Coins tumble out of a chute. A man watches. Coins travel along a conveyor belt; an operator examines the odd coin. An ambassadorial car, flying an American flag, pulls up; this is Canberra, the seat of central government. Men in suits walk up the steps to the Parliament building. A car pulls up. A man enters the building. Shot of the grand exterior. Aerial view of Canberra; it can be discerned that this was a planned town. Shot of housing; shot of a flying saucer-like building. A bridge across an expanse of water; this is the man-made Lake Burleigh Griffin (sic.). Cars cross a bridge; behind stands a skyscraper. Fountains and modern art. People chat by a shopping arcade. A little girl puts her hand in a fountain. Another pushes the pushchair of her little brother. Children play. Statue of an angel holding the sun. Another statue of a woman; pans to show a concert stage and a large crowd. Similar shot showing the arena's tent-like roof. Shots of the crowd. Distant shot of the city; in the foreground stands an oriental building in a park. Shot from the balcony of a tall building at sunset. The city skyline is reflected in the lake as the sun sets. A busy street at dusk; its lights come on. A sculpture of an angel. Other lights are on.

Four people sit in a restaurant high over the city; a waiter serves them. A plate of food. A Chinese lady serves food in a Chinese restaurant. Shot from the air of the lights of the city. A clock tower; pans down to show a grand building: Brisbane, capital of Queensland. A group of scouts around a fountain. A pond; pans to show people sitting on a bench beside it. People read on a bench. A man reads "Australian Party Politics" by James Jupp. Students sit on grass. A large group do likewise, as they eat their lunch. One student reads while he eats. A rocket prepares to take off at Woomera, Southern Australia. Two observers watch. A control room does likewise. A man with a microphone studies his instruments. Shot of an instrument. A button is pressed.

Sparks fly. A man pushes a rod in to molten metal. A man puts his goggles on. Others in the steelworks poke at the fire. Men operate machinery in a car assembly plant. A nut is tightened. A man at work. A blade smoothes an edge. Windscreens are prepared for a car. One is placed on a vehicle. A car moves out of the factory. Shot of a workman through a concrete tube; pans back along the pipe. Pipes are rolled along. A foreman watches. Workmen. They study plans for the petrol pipeline. Aerial shots of Barrow Island, with its oilfield, off the north-west coast. The derrick. A drill is hoisted up. It drills down, producing a mudflow. A chain unwinds. The drill enters the ground and turns. Shot of steam within the intricate workings of a refinery. Shot of the refinery against the setting sun, with gas holders behind. Shot of pipes and numerous holders. The sun behind the refinery; pans in on the former.

Another shot of the sun pans out to show it hidden behind a tree. A rural landscape. Aborigines in white undergarments sit by a river. They rub on a box. A man rubs paint on his stomach. Others do likewise. A fire burns. The aborigines dance. They stamp their feet in the sand. Shots of their faces. Panning shot of a landscape as the sun rises. Smoke burns. A large bird (a stork?) lands on a branch. Kangaroos hop by a muddy lake-side. Another hops through the Bush. Shot of the Bush; in the distance are two aborigines. Buffalo roam. Aboriginal hunters carry woomeras (throwing sticks) and spears. They stand in wait. Buffalos look up from the water. A large bird flies overhead. A horse turns and runs away.

A car travels along an open road. A cliff face. Craggy rocks. A track passes through a field of colourful flowers. The town of Alice Springs sits amidst the desert. A sign: "Commonwealth of Australia Amoonguna Reserve". Shot of huts and a lady and child walking by. Children and their mothers sit and eat in a field. Older children sit. Their teacher points to a map of Australia; their classroom is outside. Sign: "Mount Isa", arrows point to various capital cities and the poles, with the distances to them. Flowers grow in front of a factory. Copper. A zinc/ copper mine; the mainstay of Queensland's industry. Overhead shot of the mine. The mine shaft wheels turn. A worker watches. Metal piles over a conveyor belt. A lift reaches the surface. Men leave the lift.

Girls in cowboy hats walk by. A shot of their rears; they walk with a child. Workers look on; they are dressed for the Mount Isa rodeo. The Australian flag flies above a town sign. Shot of patrons and their feet and hats; some drink, some eat toffee apples, a baby drinks milk. Sign: "Rough Riders Stand; for rough riders only", pans down to show men queuing. Signs: "Rough Riders and officials only", "definitely no grog allowed around the chutes and yards during rodeo events". A man rubs a chalk-like substance on his trousers. Another rubs some on a saddle. He gets on gingerly. A gate is opened and he rides a horse, before being shaken off. People in the Rough Rider's stand get up. A horse canters away. The rider walks back. A boy watches. They prepare for another rider. He and the horse rush out. He lasts longer but is shaken off. The horse runs away, chased by another man on a horse. Another rider is shaken off. A horse bucks. A man falls off and lies hurt; people rush to help. A man shakes his head. Another rider. He walks back after falling. A hose's nostrils. Another rider is more successful, and is caught by a man on horseback before he hits the ground. A little girl claps. The horses rush around in their pen.

A woman behind a bar or public house operates a till. Men reach for their lagers or beers. Drinkers talk merrily; some sing, accompanied by a harmonica. A woman serves customers at the bar. Drinks are pulled. A man smokes. A glass is placed next to a money note and some coins.

A sports crowd cheer and wave flags. An Australian Rules footballer kicks a ball. Others try to catch it. A boy cheers. Old men in their whites play bowls. A soccer game. A goal is scored. Crowds watch. A grass court tennis match. A crowd watches. Some loud speakers. Horses are led by their trainers. Jockeys get on their horses. A tall spectator watches. A bookmaker takes bets. Much money changes hands. A man reads a newspaper. A bookie writes out bets. Another collects money. Crowds watch at the Melbourne Cup. The horses are released from their traps and gallop away. A young woman watches. Some listen to radios.

A boy grimaces as water is poured over him from a bucket on a beach. Young children walk into the water. A woman takes off her top; she wears a bikini underneath. Seagulls fly in the air. Panning shot of a sandy bay. Girls in bikinis walk along the beach. A man with a surfboard walks by a busy beach. A young couple run and dive in the water. Two young women walk along the beach. A woman sunbathes. Children sit in a pool of water, some of which is thrown over them. A little boy falls over in the water. A boat skims the waves. From the boat can be seen a pier; beyond is a pleasure boat. Shot of a shimmering beach on the Great Barrier Reef. Tropical trees. Young people run over the trees. Birds sit in the trees. They run onto a beach and strip to their swimming costumes. Their feet splash in the water. Two women walk out in the sea. One bends down and picks up a starfish. She also picks up a crustacean. An old couple walk by; the lady takes off her shoes.

A woman wearing scuba diving gear dives into the water. Tropical fish swim round the reef. The girl dives down. Fish swim by. Small fish seen through shimmering water. Aerial shot of a mass of yachts in a massive harbour. A 'Caltex' boat sails by. Yachts with their sails billowing. Another yacht is anchored out to sea. A Volkswagen car. Side-view; surfboards are on top. S A girl feels the blade of the board and laughs. Surfboards. A woman carries a surfboard on her head. She walks to the water and puts the board down. A large wave crashes down. A surfer rides up and down on the waves. A surfer starts to surf but falls off. She does the same twice more. She walks back to shore and puts the board down. A girl takes a picture with a camera. A man smokes; his wife sits beside; they both wear sunglasses. An elderly lady in a hat eats a sandwich. A baby wearing a bonnet. A male surfer paddles out to sea. He rides the waves expertly. Other surfers. Waves and surfboards crash. Close-up of the expert's feet. Girls look on.

In repeats of previous shots… A ship sails. Distant shot of Sydney as the sun goes down. Couples kiss. People wave from deck. People walk to an airport terminal with their luggage. Children play. A man in the wool workshop. The auctioneer. People leaving the station. The rocket controllers. Workmen. Various other repeated shots.

"One of a series of films made in the interest of international understanding by the Caltex Oil Companies, which serve more than 60 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australasia".

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