Film: 5693

Science | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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A film about technological advances made, in Britain, during the 1970's: energy, science, metals, medicine, banking, communications.
Shot of Concorde taking off through a heat haze. Shots of the sun's surface. Cullen Laboratories, Oxon, England, Europe. This is where the reactions n the sun's surface are being replicated. Interior of large laboratory. Technical equipment. Experiments to see if nuclear power can be achieved through water. Miner with drill at coal face. Conveyor belt churning out loose coal. Mechanical tunnelling machine used for coal mining. The Fluidized Combustion Bed, air and sand mixed with coal and then burnt. Sun rising behind oil rig at sea. Underwater shots of diver using oxyacetylene torch on oil rig. Long shot of oil rig under construction. Deer in countryside. Bulldozer, workmen pushing compressor, enormous pipes being laid across countryside. Aerial view of North sea oil rig. Ships in heavy seas. Wave energy, experiment in tank. In Scotland. Windmill on a stick to produce wind power. Doon Rae, nuclear power station, external views, vice over talks of its efficiency. Automatic lathes. Gluttonous liquid bubbling. Steel works, flaming steel in slow motion. Ship, 'Shell Avamare', being launched. Ship under construction. Production of steel, steel on rollers, being rolled, making car components, in the rover factory (production line), steel tubes / pipes, aluminium alloys being manipulated in moulds. Heating of metal flowers that have been bent resulting in them returning to their original shape (the petals open and the stems straighten). Butterfly emerging from cocoon. Bees being studied at Cardiff University, Wales. A bee is restrained under a microscope and the skull is cut. Electrodes then attached to brain. In this way able to study brain functioning. Men playing squash in slow motion. The body scanner, a woman being put through it. Doctors in white coats looking in. Injection being given in to arm. Explanation of how a flu vaccine works by using schoolboys in a field, shot from above, turning in circles. This is intercut with microscopic shot of flu virus. Boy being given bone marrow transplant. shots of boys in hospital beds. Same boys playing football together in park.

Revolving stage for the National Theatre, seen outside before installation. Henry Moore sculptures. Construction of National Theatre on the South Bank, London, England. The actor, Albert Finney, backstage in costume to play Hamlet in 1976. Back stage at the National Theatre's opening performance. Shots of modern architecture in Britain. Fashion designer at work. shots of Chinese, black, Asian people in city of London, England. This in intercut with sorts of different bank signs. Interior and exterior of Lloyds of London. Stock Exchange, London. Parachutist. Toronto Tower, Canada, aerial shots (voice over tells us that a British firm was responsible for the telecommunication aerial on its top) British involved in Rumanian irrigation scheme. Rumanian workers. Close up of sunflower. Extreme long shot of Brazil. Construction of bridge in Rio, Brazil. View of 13km bridge at Rio. North African deserts being turned green through irrigation. Green circles in desert. Combine harvesters harvesting corn in this green circles. Hovercrafts on ice and desert. A 1970's Rolls Royce on a British road in the countryside. Aerial view of Spaghetti Junction, Birmingham, England. Brands Hatch, Formula One Racing, a famous racing driver. Train travelling a 200mph. Harrier Jump Jet taking off. Concorde in flight. Helicopter rolling in flight. Soap bubbles in a classroom.

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