Film: 5694

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Cheap marketing film selling their Home Bush abattoir facility to farmers. Shows the entire process, (apart from the killing), from selling the cattle at market, to disposing of the various parts 1970's

Ranch. Beef cattle. Cowboy on horse with cows. Car drives up to farmer, asks him questions which the farmer replies silently. Farmer getting his cattle ready for market, narrator asks him if he wants to know what happens to his cattle when they go off to market, narrator says new developments in industry and asks farmer to go and see. Stock being unloaded at Home Bush, unloading docks. Cattle walking past. Farmer watching cattle, sign pointed out to farmer, sign says at all further stages we will ensure their careful handling, cleanliness, rigid inspection for disease and identification. Sign issued by The Metropolitan Meat Industry Board. Cattle moved into yards, which are said to have been hosed down and inspected every day. Cows unloading off railway car. Cows moving. Cattle moving off train, soundtrack says Homebush has its own station, sidings and shunting yards. Branding iron, cattle being branded with silver paint. Close up of number- used to identify lot right up to the weighbridge. Cattle being moved. Cattle to be sold separately marked out with dark blue paints. Vet in yard doing ante-mortem inspection . Vet inspecting cattle by looking at them, soundtrack says any undesirable animals will be marked out for a post-mortem. Close-up of vet, white coat and thick glasses. Tags on tails of cattle, enable Ministry of Agriculture to trace back a disease to its origin. Vet looking around. Farmer looking at lists of sale. Close up of sign "Homebush services to producers". Man blowing whistle. Cattle sale, cows in stalls. Men shouting wearing drovers hats, narrator saying how much Homebush sells in quantities of livestock. Cattle in pens. Inspecting cattle. Farmer goes down amongst men. One of the board members Les Urie?, producers representative on the board, shakes farmers hand, with him is the President of the wholesalers meat Association, panning across to cattle, all the time narrator extolling virtues of Homebush. Men shouting and bidding for cattle. Drover walking to lot with yellow brands. Yellow brand shows purchasers number. Cattle moving into pen. Cattle being herded to abattoir. Cattle being herded to abattoir. Cattle could be taken to holding paddocks if needed, cattle in paddocks. Cattle in enclosure, men in hard hats, vet giving ante-mortem inspection. Close up of vet in hard hat. Cattle and vet in enclosure. Farmer puts on white coat whilst looking at cattle in enclosure.

Homebush medical centre, nurse putting bandage on man's arm in clinic. Doctor takes mans blood pressure. Dining area, all furniture made of washable impervious materials to stop contamination. Lockers in locker room, designed for easy cleaning. Men washing hands in water fountain. Man using disposable paper dispenser. Clothes in tumble dryer, man opening dryer and loading clothes in basket.

Farmer wearing white coat and hat. Man checks tail tags on carcases, man writes down numbers on file. Man writes correlation number on carcase and head, which are separated. Bloody heads of cattle being spray washed, hanging on hooks. Man hosing down rack of heads, barely recognisable as heads. Farmer in head inspection area, goes to watch man checking heads. Close-up of skinned head being sliced even more, checking for parasites, tongue hanging separately. Heads are split and brains removed-gory. Knives being washed. Intestines and bladder sliced off, gory. Cow being hoisted on mechanical device as men slice away at carcase. Cows being shaved, hide being stripped from carcase. Implements being washed and sterilised. Cows carcase being stamped with operator number. Farmer watches as row of carcases have their stomachs and insides ripped out, very gory. Intestines and stomachs spill onto floor. Close up of man cutting out intestines. Man hosing blood off himself. Knives being cleaned and sterilised. Showers himself and sterilises his boots. Mans clean boots stand out amidst bloody red carcase. Men checking offal. Close up of offal being checked, lymph nodes checked to indicate condition. Lungs being checked. Heart being checked. Liver being checked. Farmer stares at camera with conveyor belt of offal behind him, carcases hanging above pile. Different inspector checks. Man pulls out kidneys. Man checking inner cavity. Any carcase not in perfect condition taken out of row and checked further. Farmer meets board member representing Homebush personnel, carcase being cut by mechanical saw in background. Man cuts carcase in half using mechanical saw. Men checking the carcases. Carcases being washed with hoses. Close-up of carcase being washed. Carcase being checked and stamped. Stamp to show carcase has passed. Men stamping carcases. Stamp to show meat is fine for local consumption and export. Meat on conveyor racks moving. Man operating machinery. Close-up of scales showing weight of carcase. Man records weight. Close up of man writing in book. Man weighs another carcase. Farmer checking meat in refrigerator. Farmer looking at carcasses, handed manual on standards for the abattoir. Farmer reads manual looking concerned and nodding. Close up of stamp of export 41, meaning meat is fit for export. Farmer reads manual, looks at camera. Offal being checked. Close-up of man checking. Inspection of offal. Man slicing bits off carcase. Cleaner cleaning floor with high pressure hose. 3 cleaners hosing down floor with scalding hot water. Floor being cleaned. Men cleaning with hoses. Foreman checks report to see that nothing has been missed off. Sanitation engineer checking other areas and noting down those in need of further attention. High pressure cleaning equipment. Hosing down conveyor belt. Close-up of spraying conveyor. Man wipes down metal surface. Staff sanitation expert with farmer, checking facilities. Man takes swabs off floor. Man swabs saw. Man swabs light. Sign "scientific services. Administrative office and laboratories". Scientist in laboratory. Swab- sample being shook. Scientist puts sample back on rack. "narrator" driving car, as if camera is his viewpoint,, farmer in passenger seat. Men walk through area full of cardboard boxes. Men pushing trays of boxes back. Meat hanging up in cold store. Frozen liquid whole egg, cartons of , in cold store. Women packing bacon, wearing uniforms with Mayfair written on them. Sausage meat being packed. Men cutting at carcases. Meat being packed in boxes. Man carrying barrel entering room full of barrels. Strands of meat? Being washed. Premises marked "Fleece-wools". Fleeces on conveyor belt. Fleeces coming off belt. Overview of site with cattle being rounded up. Farmer looking at aerial photograph of Homebush abattoir. Close up of Farmer. Plans for new developments. Boards Chairman, Sam Hill. Plans for new developments. Farmer shakes hands with Mr Hill. Farmer puts on white hat and enters building. Man spraying floor with water. Man clearing meat market. Meat hanging, porters hoisting meat onto shoulders. Close up of meat hanging off hook. Porters taking meat off hooks. Porter exits room with meat. Porter takes meat off hooks. Porters taking meat from room. Porters loading meat onto lorry, farmer watching. Farmer shakes hand with man behind the camera, now back at farm. Man drives off, leaving farmer in his farm.

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