Film: 5695

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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This is a promotional film about the United Dominions Trust, financial services for industry 1970's

Car racing. A wagon transport train. Road rollers. A market exchange room, maybe the "Sugar Market Association". A road on an English countryside, a lorry is focused on. The United Dominions Trust (UDT) office clerks. Two men are using large calculators. Close up of the calculator. Two men are talking on the telephone, they are lending money. Close up of the "United Terminal Sugar Market Association" , this is in the London Producing clearing house, in Islington Lane, London. Close up of various people working in the "sugar market " which trades in sugar, cocoa, wool and coffee. A man writes on a board, probably the price of either sugar or cocoa or wool or coffee. A general view of the sugar market trading floor. More close up of traders and of the chairman. A woman is riding a horse. Close up of the woman patting the horse. The canteen of the UDT's Customers Recountance Centre, employees are having their meals in a self service environment. Close up of employees eating. Secretaries are typing using electronic typewriters. View of the computer room, one man picks up a large drum (disks), this mainframe computer can handle half a million transactions. Close up of various computer parts and of a print out. View of the office, two computer terminals are conspicuously sitting on a table, a woman checks transactions on one of the terminals. Close up of the terminal's screen. Close up of a man who is in charge of customers accounts, he says that customer accounts are more confidentially held on a computer than held manually. Close up of the computer terminal being used by an office person. Close up of the man in charge of customer accounts. Close up of a computer print out which shows "Weekly Branch Listing of Customer accounts". A man is driving a car, he is a branch manager who talks about his job while driving. A white car is driving along an English rural area. A quarry with close up of the machinery etc. The branch manager driving and talking in the car. Close up of a sign saying "Darlington Plant". A man sticks a sign that says "Darlington Plant" on large excavating equipment. The man describes the advantages that UDT. The branch manager is back in his car driving and talking. View of a recently constructed country club. The country club owner praises the "help" UDT gave him. Branch Manager in his car. Close up of an electronic piano. A man is playing an electronic piano in a retail music shop. He recommends UDT credit terms when purchasing an electronic piano. The branch manager in his car. View of a motor trading centre "Cathedral Garage". Close up of Ford cars on display for sale in the Cathedral Garage, two men walk among the cars and discuss credit agreements. Branch Manager in his car. A caravan trader talks about credit. A staff training course at UDT, various close up of trainees and of the lecturer. A study group meeting taking place around a table. Various close up of the people present in the study group. The UDT printing room. Road rollers being used in making motorways. Close up of the road roller. A Texaco rail wagon. A "Swan rent-A-car" office. Close up of a couple wanting to rent a car. A road in the "City", London, some Morris mini cars are on the road. Close up the door of the "Old Broads Street Securities Limited" - Merchant Bankers. Close up of three men discussing financing a property development, they inspect property development plans. A canal (may be the Grand Union Canal) next to an industrial area. Office buildings around the canal. Close up two men talking (they are Merchant Bankers). A merchant banker arrives and walks into the "J.W. Hillard LTD Company (Yorkshire). Views of the Hillard's company stock, the merchant banker talks to the managing director. A Hillards supermarket checkout area. Close up of groceries going through the checkout. Close up of the checkout. The outside of the supermarket "Hillards" and of the car park. Close up of a page of the "Financial Times" which shows an article about the offer for sale by the "Old Broad Street Securities Limited" of 1,650,000 ordinary shares from Hillards Limited. Share applications pouring in. View of people handing in share applications or certificates. Hillards share applications being counted. A board meeting, men are discussing who will be issued shares. A newspaper page showing the "recent issues - equities" column. Focus on the share prices. Testing at the "Wool Testing Services International" Laboratories, near Wembley. A close up of machines used for wool testing. Close up of a machine testing a carpet for how long it takes to wear, at a textile testing house. Close up of a machine that determines the strength of a material . A man is fire testing two dresses, one is made of nylon and the other is made of cotton, the nylon dress melts while the cotton dress burns. Foggy London Docks. A man in an office in London Docks. Close up of the man talking. Foggy London Docks. The Sydney Opera House. A Canadian company. An Irish town. A South African building probably in Johannesburg. A UDT bank branch in South Africa. The managing director of UDT International, talking to the international UDT managers. Stills of Zurich streets. Eastcheap street near the tower of London. Close up of the United Dominions House doorway, a couple walk by. The chairman of UDT, Sir Alexander Ross talks to another man in his office. A senior board meeting at UDT. Close up of the board members all looking very serious. A high street somewhere in Britain. Close up of the "UDT Money Center" sign. A typical mid 1970's couple are applying for a UDT credit line, close up of their faces and of the bank manager. Another UDT Finance Managing Director. The outside of the United Dominions Trust Limited Building. Racing cars. Close up of a Ford racing car . Racing cars.

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