Film: 5696

Road Transport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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British Industry Roads Campaign sponsored film 1970's
The benefits of the M40 motorway built near High Wycombe. Demonstration at building of the Westway in West London. Cliff Michelmore drives his Triumph Stag through High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Cliff talks about history of traffic through Wycombe. Aerial view. Traffic warden gives him a parking ticket. Aerial views of the M40 in the High Wycombe area of the Chilterns. Interviews with planning officers etc. Interviews with businesses who see benefit of motorway and workers. Interview with transport café owner on old A40 who has lost business. Cliff interviews Sir Francis Dashwood about the 'frightful orgies' they had at West Wycombe caves. Aerial view of West Wycombe. Hexagon shopping centre. Vox pops with women shoppers about what they think of the shopping centre. General views of shops, Boots, supermarket. Owner of small butchers doesn't like it as he lost a slaughterhouse, parking space etc. Manager of Sainsburys supermarket says why it is good. Cliff talks to Superintendent of police and Fire Chief about the benefits, less congestion, accidents . Windsor chair manufacture, famous in High Wycombe. Industrial estate. Congested traffic in Beaconsfield.

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