Film: 5697

Fashion | 1960 | Silent | B/W


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The Mary Quant Fashion Show at the Hotel de Crillon in Paris in 1963.
Champagne reception, table with bottle, canapés, woman sit at table , women talking and smoking and sit on the floor, man sits at table with Mary Quant brochures or programmes for the show and a guest list. Hotel De Crillon, Paris, France (?) , the front door. People take their seats for the show in a very ornate room with a catwalk down the middle of the room. Models parade up and down in all types of clothes and in various fashions as the audience watches and take notes. Day wear, evening wear, hats, boyish short hair styles, high boots, plastic clothes. Mary Quant herself stands and watches in an empty room with girls on the catwalk, waiter lays a buffet table, models wait their turn behind a screen.

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