Film: 5698

Road Transport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Petrol station or service station customer service 1970's

Focus group discuss getting into and out of gas stations and why some service stations are more attractive to use than another. One man says collecting green shield stamps, getting away quickly, one man wants three people, one to collect money and one for your windscreen and another for safety checks.Customer service, "thank you for coming" politeness form staff is discussed. Two rows of chairs and people being talked to. Film shown on screen all about different kinds of British petrol stations. Triumph car drives into and past twenty garages (near London). Filmed through car windscreen, lots of point of view shots along English roads.. Car pulls into Esso garage. Woman attendant fills tank. Takes money. Shell garage. BP station, Fina. Attendant asks at driver's window and fills tank and checks oil, washes windscreen, lifts bonnet, dipstick, tops up battery. Discussion as to whether garages are attractive. Boxley Service Station. At next garage one person fills petrol, another cleans windscreen. Total garage. Brackenhill Service Station. Esso garage promotion - centenary of the FA Cup. Garage products sold. No self service garages. Petrol hose across back of car. National, Texaco garages. Driver hands attendant keys. Morris Oxford car. Pickup truck.


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