Film: 5699

Places + Locations | 1990 | Sound | Colour


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Darjeeling in India 1990's

A travelogue of the Himalayan town of Darjeeling. The narrow gauge steam railway brings the visitor to the town. The locomotive winds its way up the hills, interior shots of the carriages as a boy sits in his seat looking thoughtful. The roof of the train has a few people on top and the windows have people leaning out.

A map of India, a map of West Bengal, a map of Darjeeling with Sikkim and Nepal borders. The Himalayan mountains with pink skies behind. The river Pistra gorge. Bridge across the river, high shot. Windy terraced roads. Aerial views of the tea plantation terraces. Tea pickers with basket tied to their heads pick the tea. The little train loops around a huge loop with two trains and lots of steam. Snow topped mountains surrounding Darjeeling. The hill top town. The main square and promenade with tourists and horses. Crowds of people around the main square, many shots, locals, western and Indian Tourists, Indian women in saris and western clothes, hotels, very English looking boarding houses, The Tourist Lodge Singmari sign and frontage, typical English country house style, hotel rooms and dining rooms, the tourist office with pamphlets. Lloyd's botanical gardens with orchids and exotic flowers, greenhouses. Natural history museum with stuffed birds and animals. The zoo with tigers, leopards, yaks and a llama. Indian woman rock climbing. The Tibetan refugees craft centre. A woman spins, a child cards wool, a row of women knotting a carpet. A boy paints and a wooden panel is carved. Religious painted panels of Buddhas. Shopping in the market. Roller skating rink. Rope way up the mountains. Tiger Hill - sunrise over the Himalayas. Jeep up the mountain. Sandakphu hill, views of Everest. Festivals, dog show, fashion show, Nepalese beauty contest. Dancing dragons, many local dances. Lika pageant for children. Tourists take pictures

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