Film: 5701

Social History | 1950 | Silent | Colour


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Amateur home movie.

Family scene. Woman takes a roast turkey on a plate from a glass-fronted cupboard and places it on a table. Another woman takes a Christmas pudding on a plate from same cupboard and places it on a table. She then spoons brandy on it, and a man ignites the brandy on the pudding. The first woman is seen dishing up portions of the pudding.
Members of the family at the dinner table eating the pudding. Members of the family reclining in armchairs, smoking cigarettes. A decorated Christmas Tree is visible through the window. Shot of fireplace with open fire and Christmas Cards displayed above. Camera zooms in to close up of cards.
Outside nigh time shot of large illuminated Christmas tree, by a fountain. Could be Trafalgar square? Silhouettes of people passing in front of the tree. Camera zooms in close up of lights on tree and fountain.
Indoor scene of other family members in same house, around dinner table with Christmas dinner, raising glasses in a toast. Same family members reclining on sofas in living room, with drinks.
Older lady playing grand piano. Piano has many Christmas cards on it. Camera pans around the room.
Small Christmas Tree with presents under it inside by bay window. Children are opening presents, family are handing presents out and opening presents for babies. Close up of toddlers in high chairs drinking. Toddlers playing with new toys; dolls and blankets, drums, cash register.

Caption ‘Day by Day’ – Film of aeroplanes at an airport. BOAC and PANAM plane taking off. Seals in a zoo. Rhino in a zoo. Man talking on a flickering TV screen. Horses being raced and jumping fences, in the countryside, looks like point-to-point course. Many spectators. Camera follows the course of the horses and riders.

Caption ‘Holidays’ – Shot of sign board, camera zooms in. Sign reads C J BROOM & Sons. Man by motorboat resting on stands in a field, man takes cover off of open top boat and examines inside. Sign for ‘Sutton Staithe Hotel & Country Club’. Hotel is a long red brick house, man is walking from hotel front door to gate. The new motorboat is seen being pushed on a trailer down planks into the water, several men are helping. Boat is moved into the water. Owner of boat sitting in rear seats, looking at map while boat is moored to the bank. Map appears to be of Norfolk. Ducks in the water. Several boats on a stretch of water, some moored some moving. Close up of swans alongside the boats. Back to man in motorboat still moored to the bank, now in driving seat. Boat with cover on being towed by a car.
Two women pulling another small boat up on to a beach with a rope, there is a man in the boat. Two couples sitting in deckchairs by what looks like a boat yard. The elder of the two ladies has a dog. They are all drinking tea. Motorboat speeding across a stretch of water, other boats are anchored around. Two women on a beach, one woman in a bathing suit goes into the sea. Small table with teacups and cakes on it. Close up of cakes on plate cut to empty plate. Scene from boatyard by the shore. Covered yachts parked in the sand dunes and yachts with sails up, sailing by. Man water skiing, filmed from back of boat towing him. Keeled yacht being launched into the water with flags of all nations flying from rigging.
Front of Guest House with couple in doorway. Different couple on sea wall talking. Toddlers in playpen in the garden, toddlers playing with toys and crawling in the garden. Children playing in grounds by side of sea. Children and babies splashing in pools. People sitting on chairs in sun, young girl lying in sun wearing a bikini. Man in sea, mooring boat to a post.

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