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America 1915-1920s

00:00:00 Henry Ford, the American founder of the Ford Motor Company, sits at the edge of a pool of water on a large rock wearing a suit and tie, washing handkerchief with bars of soap and a large pot of water to his left. Henry Ford at a campsite, wearing a collared shirt and bow tie, putting what appears to be bread into a smoking box with his back to the camera, adjusting the food until he is overcome by the smoke, as chefs in uniform move behind him. Henry Ford cooks at a portable stove and stirs a pot, wearing suit and tie, with the recognised personality Thomas Edison, the American inventor and businessman, who stands behind him and another man, who wears a cowboy hat, stands to the right of the frame. Henry Ford country dances with a woman, spinning and walking in a line, while a semi circle of well dressed men stand and sit in wooden chairs and watch them dance and surround the pair on the stage. Henry Ford, wearing a suit and tie, holds a large rifle, and stands next to John Burroughs, the naturalist, shoots the gun, and hands the gun to John Burroughs. Idyllic winter scene, Henry Ford ice skates on a frozen pond or lake with two small children, whom the narrator states are his grandchildren, holding one of the children in his arms while he skates towards the camera, while the second small child runs towards him on the ice also towards the camera, and a well dressed woman with a hat walks onto the ice in the right of the frame. Henry Ford gardens with his grandchildren, and holds a hoe and digs in the dirt while the smaller of the two children, who faces away from the camera, appears to put dirt in his or her mouth, while the bigger of the two children runs away from the camera and to the right out of the frame. Henry Ford, and his wife Clara Jane Bryant in the passenger seat, drives his first car, the Quadricycle, up to stone steps of stately home or building, wearing a formal top hat, tie, and coat as Clara wears a hat and a fur coat, Henry Ford exits the vehicle to the left of the scene and Clara remains in the car and adjusts the gear shift to ensure the car is fully stopped, in response Henry Ford kicks the front wheel of the automobile and assists Clara who exits the automobile towards the stone steps, after Clara exists the vehicle and the frame to the left, Henry Ford pauses to acknowledge the camera directly with a tip of his hat, with a snowy scene of trees and a stone wall in the background. Henry Ford, wearing a suit, tie, hat, and apron, faces slightly away from the camera and with his left hand adjusts gears on a steaming engine of an automobile or tractor. Close up of Henry Ford who adjusts a steaming engine and works gears to make the engine work. Henry Ford sits on a horse drawn plough on a farm, with Henry Ford at the right of the frame and the horses move the plough to the left of the frame to the encouragement of Henry Ford, the horses struggle for a brief moment before moving the plough, which then ploughs and cuts and harvests the hay. Henry Ford, wearing suit and tie with straw hat, stands in a field of cut hay, ties a small bundle of hay together before he bends down to pick up a larger bushel of hay. Close up of Henry Ford as he drives a tractor through a field towards the camera, with another man on a similar tractor following close behind, and with a house in the background. Henry Ford stands with another man along with the Quadricycle and the Model T, both men walk behind the Model T, the exterior in which "The Ten Millionth, New York to San Francisco, Lincoln Highway" is painted.

00:01:22 Close up of steam engine and train with two train cars moving from left of frame to the right. Close up of Henry Ford who sits facing left and away from camera amidst steam or smoke, conducts train and sits in the train engineer's seat. Henry Ford, in suit and tie, stands to the left of businessman also in a suit and tie, and places metal rings on a table, puts his right hand on a globe which is on the table to Henry Ford's right side. Henry Ford and the businessman examine several materials resting atop a tyre, potentially the materials used to make tyres. Model T Ford car drives down American village or town road towards camera, with street and car in centre, trees on either side of the street, the camera follows car as it passes off scene to the right of the frame then focuses on a two-storey wooden building in background. Scene of traditional log cabin with wooden fence in near foreground, surrounded by trees, and two hens on the grass in foreground. Two-storey brick building with shop windows on ground floor, with trees framing scene on right and top and another stone building in background. Close up of same shop windows with three landscaped bushes in foreground, a clock hangs on façade, and jugs and various items for sale in the shop window. Impressive, large white wooden two-storey building with nine columns, visitors enter the house through an unseen door. View of the The Henry Ford building (also known as the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, and more formally as the Edison Institute) in Dearborn, Michigan, United States of America (U.S.A.).

00:02:16 Two videographers or filmmakers with their backs to the camera as they film or document a team of American football players who play American football on a field, with a large crowd watches in the surrounding stadium or grandstand. View of American football players play American football in a stadium. Close up of American football players play American football in a stadium and tackle each other while a referee enters the scene.

00:02:19 View of the Ford Automobile Factory in Highland Park, then a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, United States of America (U.S.A.) as cars pass in foreground. Motion picture filmmaker on right of scene films two businessmen (or actors) who sit at desk on left what appears to be a movie set or office. Five male workers in a factory, with various tasks spin and move large machines and materials in what appears to be a motion picture production factory. Workers in a motion picture film processing room. Two well-dressed men load film reels into machines.

00:02:28 Credits: "Henry Ford's Mirror of America"

00:03:16 Camera pans right across landscape of hills and trees. Farmer sits on a horse drawn plough in a field, guides two horses which pull plough across scene to left of frame, as a dog follows behind the farmer. Young boy follows farmer and horse drawn plough pulled by two horses in field, all walk to bottom right of frame towards the camera. Farm workers harvest and collect hay in a field. Close up of farm workers who collect hay. Close up of three horses who pull a hay harvester and a farmer, moving from the left of the frame to the right. Three horses pull hay harvester and farmer, moving from the right of the screen to the left, cutting hay. Farm workers and businessmen observe elaborate machine which processes hay. Farmer's wife uses a washing board to wash clothes by hand in the tub. Close up of farm woman in peasant dress and bonnet who milks a black and white spotted cow while the cow, which is tied to the trough, chews hay as a small dog stands behind the cow in background. Farmer's wife wears a bonnet stands at a water pump and pumps water into a bucket while a man walks into scene carrying a bucket and approaches the woman, the woman takes her bucket and turns away from the camera towards door of a house in background. Farmer's wife stands at table in a kitchen and moves a large bucket on the table picks up a glass and proceeds to dry it with a cloth while a young woman walks into kitchen carrying bucket filled with water. Older farmer's wife or grandmother sits next to a fire and two large steaming pots, which are boiling water to do laundry, and uses a laundry bucket to wash or churn laundry, while a small boy sits at right of frame looks on and strokes a small cat. A family is gathered around large table reading newspapers, one woman moves a large lamp, which sits in the middle of the table, towards her for better lighting to read and in response a man on the opposite side of the table moves the lamp back towards him, and in response to this the woman gets upset and bangs her newspaper down on the table in front of the man who took the lamp, then sits down and folds her arms. Farmer on single horse drawn carriage or cart directs the horse along a muddy road towards the camera, the horse and cart get stuck at a rock and the horse stops for a moment and negotiates the cart around the rock, continuing towards the camera.

00:04:27 Farmer with broken wheel on cart loaded with sacks attempts to mend or re-attach broken wheel in the foreground while a steam train moves from right to left in background. Farm children carry lunch boxes and school books and walk along muddy road towards camera with trees framing either side of the road, in presumably summer time. Snowy scene of horse drawn sleigh carries children, several young children stand on the ground next to the sleigh and throw snowballs at the children in the sleigh as the sledge moves across scene from left to right, a dog follows behind while the children on the sleigh wave at the camera. Close up of children engaged in an impressive snowball fight. Daredevil young boys climb quickly up a ladder into a tree one by one, and daringly clamber across the tree limbs and branches and slide down the branches first one by one then all at once.

00:05:05 Steam train moves into scene and away from the camera from right to left, passing a train station. Point of view from back of moving train of train station and three workers at train station, tracks, and a car crosses the tracks behind the train. Close up of steam train passes in background while a worker stands on train tracks in foreground. Point of view from the back of a train of train travelling across a steel bridge across a lake. City scene with a large paved road, a bicyclist, and pedestrians. Busy city street scene of Pennsylvania Avenue in the capitol of the United States of America in Washington, DC, United States of America (U.S.A), with cars travelling towards the camera and as pedestrians cross the street. Exterior view of the White House in Washington, DC, United States of America (U.S.A.), with pond in foreground. Exterior view of the White House. Interior view of the East Room in the White House during the presidency of Woodrow Wilson, including chandeliers, ceramics, plants and White House staff. Busy market scene with horse drawn carriages and carts in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America (U.S.A.). Market scene with poor children and shoppers on the lower East Side of Manhattan in New York, New York. Poor women shopping in market. Point of view of back of train as train crosses overpass with cars, billboards, and buildings in background. Point of view on back of train of train leaving an elevated train station, with passengers exiting platform. Point of view of back of train on track as it passes the Hippodrome in New York, New York, United States of America (U.S.A.).

00:06:36 View of steam boats in Hudson River. Passengers embark on a steam boat ride, walk towards the camera and onto the boat, a pass uniformed boat staff. Point of view of steamboats in the Hudson River with Brooklyn Bridge in background. Close up view of boat as it passes under the Brooklyn Bridge from a steamboat in the Hudson River. Steamboat in foreground on Hudson River travels from left to right with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. Point of view from a boat on the Hudson River of lower Manhattan, including the Battery area, Battery Park, and the Aquarium in New York. Panned view of a navy cruiser bearing an American flag in the Hudson River. Ocean liners along the Hudson River. Point of view of New York skyscrapers from boat in Hudson River. Street scene of the Flatiron Building in Manhattan, a borough of New York City. Male and female tourists at the top of the Woolworth’s Building observing Manhattan below. Busy street scene in Manhattan with cars and pedestrians. Busy street scene of Manhattan with cars and buses. New York street scene, cars travel towards and away from camera, pedestrians cross street in foreground with skyscrapers and buildings in the background. The exterior view of the tomb of Ulysses S. Grant in New York. New Yorkers in Central Park, boaters on lake in background and visitors relax on grass in foreground. Busy Central Park scene, with fountain in background and many visitors strolling in the Central Park. Well to do man and woman stand in Central Park in New York facing away from the camera towards trees to several boaters on the lake. New Yorkers visit Central Park, park goers relax on grass in foreground, boaters in a large boat travelling from left to right on the lake in background, and visitors stand on a bridge over the lake.

00:07:59 Children sit on a fast moving ride in Coney Island, New York, spinning quickly in a clockwise direction. Humorous view of children spun from the centre of the spinning ride towards the outer edges of the ride. Close view of children on fast spinning ride, which blurs the children in motion. Close view of a roller coaster on Coney Island, New York, as two groups of riders into two roller coaster cars travel down the roller coaster tracks as they pass the camera. Children play in a Coney Island madhouse or fun house, and a young girl, wearing a white dress, stands in the centre of the scene watching the other visitors bounce on two moving walkways, one group of children move on the walkways towards the camera on the right of the scene and another group of children move away from the camera to the left of the scene. Several children slide down a large slide in a Coney Island mad house or fun house, with a moving staircase ("Golden Stairs") to the right of the slide.

00:08:27 Humorous scene of Coney Island amusement fun house or mad house visitors suddenly appear out of a slide one by one onto a spinning platform that moves each person off camera to the left. Male ticket collector takes tickets from two men. Visitors ride a horse racing ride, in which one or two people each sit on wooden horse and move along and down a large track, race against each other and towards the camera, and then out of the frame to the lower right. Men and women in bathing suits or swiming costumes or swim suits play leap frog and dance on the beach, advancing towards the camera as spectators watch at the water's edge. Spectators watch a locomotive pull into train station in Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States of America (U.S.A.). Passengers exit train at Atlantic City train station in New Jersey, United States of America (U.S.A.). View of unusual elephant building, or elephant hotel, located at the end of boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States of America (U.S.A.). Visitors enter the building shaped like an elephant. Exterior of elephant hotel. Waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Six men perform acrobatic stunt on beach in Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States of America (U.S.A.). Tourists walk on the boardwalk of Atlantic City, and several well-to-do tourist travel in hand-pushed rolling chairs, travelling away from camera, with buildings and tourists in the background. Tourists in Atlantic City walk on the boardwalk towards camera, as several travel in rolling chairs. Park scene of Belle Isle, near Detroit, Michigan, United States of America (U.S.A.), men sit on benches in foreground and visitors sit on the grass along a canal in background, all watch canoes on the water. Canoers on Belle Isle on a lagoon with grassy bank on both sides and a bridge in the background, with many onlookers. Crowd of spectators watch canoers on lagoon in a park with a number of boats in the water.

00:09:51 Woman plays piano while children stand around her, she looks at camera and smiles and continues performing as people dance in the background. Ice skate workers assist well-to-do women put on and tie ice skates. Ice skaters skate on a rink toward the camera and off camera to the right. Two figure skaters, one man and one woman, skate, the male ice skater holds the hand of the young woman ice skater while she skates around him in a circle then they turn to each other as he picks her up twirl in a circle together. Two ice boats daringly travel across frozen lake from left to right, each with two navigators and large sails. Two children dressed in winter wear board a toboggan. Two children ride on toboggan slide, centred in scene and move downhill with backs to camera. Point of view of toboggan racing downhill on ice on a toboggan ride. Three toboggan riders race down a hill towards the camera on a toboggan track.

00:10:31 Automobile race scene, with a race car driver, mechanics, and spectators face camera and stand next to a racing car. Race cars (racecars) start an automobile race on a dirt track as spectators watch from stands in background, the cars move from right of frame to the left, leaving a large cloud of dust in their wake. Race cars zoom across the race track as spectators watch from the grandstands in the background.

00:10:44 Buffalo Bill Cody sits on a horse and faces the camera as the horse moves backwards, with a bustling scene of horse drawn carts, horses, and tents in foreground and background, which the narrator states was filmed in 1916. American Indians in traditional costumes dance traditional war dances. Horseback rider mounts a sitting bucking bronco and the bronco stands up and begins to buck. Cowboy rides a wild, bucking bronco from left of the scene to the right. Cowboy mounts horse which immediately begins to buck, throws the cowboy backwards off the horse, the horse falls to the ground and immediately stands up again and begins to buck while the cowboy maintains hold of the reigns of the horse.

00:11:05 Woodrow Wilson, in suit and tie sits faces the camera, sits in a grandstand adorned with an American flag with other well-dressed spectators, a man hands him a baseball to throw the first pitch of a baseball game, he stands and throws or pitches the ball, then sits down. Crowd of spectators, including Woodrow Wilson and his wife, at a baseball game. Baseball player in uniform faces camera holds baseball, standing in a baseball field. Close up of baseball signed by Woodrow Wilson.

00:11:18 John Burroughs with long white beard stands next to a small child and takes off his hat to acknowledge crowd. Large crowd of spectators wave hats and cheer. Close up of John Burroughs who smiles and waves hat. Luther Burbank, wearing a suit and tie, talk to camera and stand with prickly pear cactus on left of scene and a field on the right, he holds a unknown specimen in his hand and moves towards prickly pear cactus and rubs his face to it, demonstrating his spineless species of prickly pear, then walks towards camera and throws specimen towards camera, and walks off camera to the left. Luther Burbank slices off sections of prickly pear cactus with a knife and offers them to a well-dressed man. Close up of Thomas Edison (which the narrator says is in San Francisco in 1915) who sits in a car facing camera, winks at camera, and holds a flower in his left hand. Point of view of car travelling with Thomas Edison and his wife, along with Harvey Firestone and his wife, who all sit in the back of the car as two unidentified men sit in the front and drive the car. Joseph G. Cannon, former speaker of the House of Representatives, stands in suit and tie and faces the camera, and takes off his hat to acknowledge the camera. Close up of Will Rogers who smiles and winks at camera. Will Rogers performs lasso skills and rope tricks for the camera. Tourists at Glacier National Park, Montana, United States of America (U.S.A.) stand at waters edge as camera pans up a mountain and glacier in Glacier National Park, Montana, United States of America (U.S.A.). Well-dressed tourists climb up rock face in Glacier National Park, Montana, United States of America (U.S.A.). Snow capped mountain in Glacier National Park, Montana, United States of America (U.S.A.). Humorous scene of two men and two women walk on snowy landscape towards camera, one of the men suddenly disappears into crevice, and the second man bends down to help him out of crevice while the two women look on, hat is thrown up out of crevice, the men use the coat of the man in the crevice to pull him out while the women assist.

00:13:00 Close up of horse drawn cart transporting logs (travelling away from camera) and the cart sways from left to right. Tree cutter saws tree, which topples over or falls down across scene from left to right. Humorous camera trick shows tree “falling” in reverse. Women work in a factory construct American footballs, gluing pieces of leather together. Women work in a hat factory. Woman hat maker puts a finished hat onto another woman who then adjusts the hat. Men and women work in a post office, the men supervise the women as they sort the mail. Women post office workers sort mail. Post office worker drops a large stack of mail onto the floor. Close up of post office worker. Woman post office worker bends down to pick up dropped mail in a post office. Women work at a laundry factory. Laundry worker uses a machine to press collars. Two women work in a laundry factory use a machine in which clothes on one end are put in and come out the other. Close up of shirts and a laundry machine. Shirt collars and a laundry machine. Cleaned collars and a laundry machine. A worker at Model T Ford factory in Highland Park, Michigan, United States of America (U.S.A.) uses a machine to build the spokes and wheels for automobiles. Automobile wheel drilled together by a machine. Automobile wheels fitted with metal frame by a machine. Four auto workers finish wheels and sand or cut wood in the spokes. Close up of automobile wheels fitted with metal centres.

00:14:51 Workers and businessmen walk towards the camera, as one woman stands at right of frame in foreground. Busy street scene. Street scene of trolleys, cars, trucks, and pedestrians travelling towards camera. Scene of civil war veterans’ reunion, and veterans sit and talk on camp beds in a large room. Close up of civil war veterans, wearing suit and ties, who sit and converse on camp beds. Civil war veterans wash their faces in washbasin stand. Close up of men in suit and ties of various ages who sit in a row. Scene of large crowd of civil war veterans and large tables in the centre of the frame, the narrator comments that the date is 1917 in Vicksburg, Mississippi, United States of America (US.A.). Bustling scene, civil war veterans sit at large camp tables for a meal, with African American waiters. Close up of a group civil war veterans eating at a table. Close up of two civil war veterans eating. Army officer stands in front of group of young army recruits in suit and ties lined up at Camp Custer in Michigan, United States of America (U.S.A.), and march towards left foreground, stop close to camera. Army cadets stand in a group and then march from left to right across frame. Enormous inflatable ball stands in centre of frame and is approached on both ends by army recruits who then push it in a large group away from the camera. Close up of army recruits playing tug of war, tug o' war, or tug war facing camera. Army recruits playing tug of war, tug o' war, or tug war facing away from camera as rope and men move backwards towards camera. Two army recruits in uniform sit at desks write letters, stop writing, smile at camera, and lift letters and kiss the paper. Army recruits eat and laugh at a table.

00:16:16 Woodrow Wilson stands on stage and faces camera in front of large crowd of supporters who wave hats and cheer, with American flags adorning background. Close up of Woodrow Wilson and his wife in a car adorned with an American flag, who lifts hat and acknowledges large crowd around him. Camera pans enormous crowd of spectators waving hats to the camera. Woodrow Wilson stands in slow moving car, waving and smiling to supporters as the car leads a convoy of cars through a huge crowd. Theodore Roosevelt sits in the rear or back of a Model T car along with two men who sit in front seats. Close up of Theodore Roosevelt. Parade with marching band, police officers, and men holding flags which moves towards right foreground of scene. Close up of a standing Model T Ford car adorned with streamers and a sign which states "The Army Needs Me", several passengers sit in the car holding flags. Soldiers carry American flag and salute the camera and walk towards camera. Navy recruits march in a parade holding signs with statements, including "Every Sailor is a Man: Join the Navy" and "The Navy Needs Brains and Brawn: Join Today". Parade passes in foreground as spectators watch parade in the background, a spectator in background drops an American flag and another man picks it up and hands it back to him. Point of view close up of parade, in particular a marching band, from a moving car.

00:17:23 Uniformed army recruits stand in a line holding guns and march towards each other, practising military techniques. Uniformed army recruits lie on their stomachs on the ground and hold guns, and they practice firing and reloading the guns. Uniformed army recruits stand in a line and move in a simultaneous throwing motion, presumably simulating grenade throwing. Army recruits practice grenade throwing without holding actual grenades. Women work in an engine factory. Women work in a factory. Close up of woman worker at a welding machine, who takes of protective goggles and smiles to camera. Business man approaches the same woman factory worker and hands her a certificate (which the narrator says allows her to buy five hundred dollars worth of liberty bonds), which she puts into her pocket and smiles as the camera. Henry Ford stands with Josephus Daniels, secretary of the Navy. Camera pans the Eagle Boat plant on the River Rouge on the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan, USA, with hulls of ships, factory workers, and businessmen in view. Close up of the launch of an Eagle Boat, also known as the Eagle class patrol craft, with sailors on deck in background and spectators in foreground. Pan of Eagle Boat as it travels past camera, the crew on board waves as the boat moves from left to right. Small tank moves from left to right of scene over mud. Tank stuck perpendicularly in small trench, with men and small children in background. Workers dig a tank out of trench using shovels. Workers face away from camera and hoist tank out of trench with rope. Parade scene in Detroit, Michigan, USA, with large group of spectators on either side of the parade as parade marches down street. Model Eagle Boat float parades down street, with several passengers followed by an American flag. Close up of soldiers in uniform who march down street towards left foreground. Soldiers in background march in front of spectators in foreground. Close up of uniformed solider who smiles and looks at camera. Close up of a group of men, one holds a small dog and looks directly into camera. Two men stand and look at camera, one holds a small American flag in his hand. Three women and a tuba player stand and smile at the camera. Soldiers board locomotive in the snow or sleet, with one couple under an umbrella who kiss and hug in right foreground while passengers pass in foreground. Four tanks move over mud. Tanks on mud, with one stuck. Two men stand in a dirt field. Tank attempts to crush a fence but flips up and over instead. Workers attempt to put the flipped tank upright while Henry Ford passes in front, smiling and laughing towards camera. Tank crushes wall of house while two uniformed offices look on, facing away from camera. Tank crushes house while uniformed soldiers look on. Destruction of house by a tank in background while several onlookers, including small children and officers, follow the tank and walk in foreground across mud. Patriotic men in a parade, bearing British and American flags, march towards camera. Patriotic men in a parade march away from camera, holding a large sign "Hell Is Too Good For The Hun … ".

00:20:45 Camera pans early aero plane, the Martin MB-1 (Glenn Martin Bomber) from left to right. Close up rear view of airplane (Martin MB-1 or Glenn Martin Bomber). Airplane attempts to take off from dirt field with line of spectators in foreground. Close up of pilot Eddie Rickenbacker (Edward Vernon Rickenbacker or Rickenbacher) in uniform, smiles and looks at camera. Eddie Rickenbacker stands to left of group with small child and two men, shakes hand of businessman and the small child. Camera pans left to right of workers and airplanes at the Curtiss H-type flying boat airplane manufactory, which produced the flying boat or floatplanes. Close up of workers and airplane under construction. Airplane factory, with a large piece of an airplane rigged to ceiling and transported across room by pulleys, with workers and airplanes in foreground and background. Worker at airplane factory guides a liberty engine, which enters scene from pulleys on the ceiling, onto a metal fixture. Camera pans close up of young shipyard workers who smile at the camera, presumably in the winter. Close up of shipyard workers who smile and wave at the camera. Red Cross nurse in uniform hands papers to soldiers in a military barrack. Solider shaves his face, turns towards camera and smiles. Group of soldiers casually relax, laugh, and gesture towards camera. Troops packed onto trains pass and wave to onlookers at train station. Uniformed troops stand with coffee cups, eating and drinking. Military brass band performance. Close up, busy scene of women and soldiers, woman wipes tears from face and walks out of scene. Camera pans family (father, mother, grandmother, sister, brother, and solider) who stand towards camera next to troops left of scene.

00:22:21 Aerial view of warship in centre of scene with smaller boats at either side, travelling towards camera. Tank flipped upside-down and tank driver removes helmet and walks away from the tank. Close up of flipped tank, men rush to push it upright. Large group of workers pull tank upright. Lord Northcliffe (Alfred Charles William Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Northcliffe) sits no the first tractor in a line of tractors and starts it. Lord Northcliffe drives tractor in field, followed by three tractors (one driven by Henry Ford) and onlookers to the right. Street scene with large parade. Close up of parade onlookers, including a man who holds an American flag and a young boy, who salutes the camera, up on his shoulder. Close up of busy scene of onlookers and parade supporters facing camera, with policeman on horse in background. Woman counts liberty bonds picks up one bond and shows it to the camera. Men exchange liberty bonds. Camera pans large crowd celebrating the end of World War One. Close up of crowd waving American flags.

00:23:35 Horse drawn funeral carriage transports coffin of an unknown solider down street in Washington, DC, USA to Arlington Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, USA. President Warren Gamaliel Harding and General John Joseph "Black Jack" Pershing walk in funeral procession down street with onlookers in background. Uniformed soldiers accompany horse drawn carriage with coffin of unknown solider draped in an American flag.

00:24:03 Cars drive towards and away from camera on uneven dirt road. Model T Ford drives past a similar stopped car, and negotiates a muddy, uneven road in a field. Two men push the car stuck in the mud while the driver steers, only to have the car get stuck again moments later, but the driver is able to get the car moving again and drives out of the scene. Flat bed truck stuck in the mud, the driver gets out and kicks the wheel in exasperation. Fire truck with British and American flags tows a large Firestone truck along a road with a rope to prevent it from falling into a ditch, with several men running alongside the disabled Firestone truck, which drives out of the frame and leaves a dust cloud behind. Two cars drive across a wooden bridge away from camera onto a barge. One car and one horse drawn carriage on a barge cross a river. Automobile disembarks the river barge onto land, with a horse drawn carriage on barge in background. Horse drawn carts and transportation workers plough new roads, travelling towards camera. Horse drawn ploughs and transportation workers walk away from the camera, one of the workers tips up the dirt on the plough onto the road. A transportation worker wheels dirt or gravel to a conveyor machine, which moves the dirt up. Busy group of transportation workers with shovels and wheelbarrows, with conveyor machine in background, and children watch on at left. View of complex conveyor machine which deposits dirt or gravel onto road with transport workers and railway to right. Paved road with two Model T cars driving towards and away from camera. Scene of paved road or highway with several cars and telephone posts in scene. Model T car speeds towards camera along dirt road and across railway tracks. Model T car drives down and over a small sandy hill. A second shot of a Model T drives down and over a small sandy hill. Model T car negotiates a sandy or dirt road, driving directly towards the camera. Model T car successfully forges a river, producing a large splash as it drives towards the camera. Model T car drives on a snowy street past a small child. Two Model T cars drive from right to left of screen across a large steel bridge over a ravine. Point of view of a Model T car driving on a track, from the back of another car. Humorous scene of a Model T car as it navigates slowly across a large pipe. Close up of Model T driving along a large steel pipe. Auto plant worker hoists an engine to a machine, which raises the engine up. Auto workers install an engine to steel framework, ensuring it is fixed in place. Model T car assembly line workers assemble a car, lowering the top portion of the car into the frame while workers fix the wheels and attach other parts to the car. Close up of auto worker in the assembly line disappears under the car to work on it. A finished Model T driven off the assembly line. Exterior view of the Ford Motor Company and four finished Model T cars drive out of the factory. Model T car drive into a car dealership, with several customers and cars in front of the shop. Close up of Model T cars and autoworkers.

00:26:48 Woman and small child exit a large wooden building and get into Model T car which has several children in it, starts the car, and drives away while a farmer feeds chickens. Farmer's wife drives car out of driveway of farm and turns onto main dirt road. Truck drives towards camera on dirt road, up to a platform on right of frame in which a small calf stands. Rear view of truck as worker unloads milk barrels and reattaches a small ladder to the side of the truck. Two cars and a truck drive along road towards camera. Worker uses a crank to unload gravel or rocks off the back of a large truck in front of several store windows. United States Mail Truck (U.S. Mail) drives into scene from right in front of house and farmer who waits to give mail to carrier. Mail carrier or post office worker unlocks and opens the back of the U.S. Mail truck and to pick up the mail from the farmer wearing a hat. Ten Model T cars stand in a line facing the camera, pulling out of the snowy parking lot one at a time. Cars on a scenic drive around a bend on a mountain. Cars drive across and stop on a wooden bridge on the Columbia River Highway in Oregon, USA. Cars drive in and out of a tunnel. Humorous scene of tourists on a park road walking through a large tree with a walkway carved in it, and then the Model T driving through same tree. Two Model T cars drive on a snowy road through a forest. Close view of a small bear standing next to a Model T car, the passengers in the car feed the bear. Model T with a small caravan attached to the back drives into scene from left, the car stops and the passengers get out of the car and look around. One woman and two men assemble large tent from a small caravan. Two men, with cigars in mouths, sit at a camping table while a woman set the table with coffee cups, then hands the coffee cup to one of the men who holds a coffee pot and begins to pour coffee into the cup. Model T car parked at a park next to park visitors at a picnic table, with children on swings on a playground in background. Family and a small dog sit and eat at a picnic table in foreground, with Model T and lake in background. Two women in foreground pick flowers in a field while two boys play on a Model T in the background. Scene of two men and a Model T car, as one of the men brings a seat cushion around the side of the car and puts cushion in car. Close up of two men lying in the back of a Model T covered in a blanket and attempting to sleep.

00:28:52 Henry Ford and several men wearing suits and ties sit at a camping table and drink from tea or coffee cups, served by waiter with two men looking on in background. The presidential motorcade (a convoy of Model T cars, one carrying President Warren Gamaliel Harding and adorned with American flags), drive down dirt lane in the Great Smoky Mountains located on the Tennessee-North Carolina border in the USA. Close up of President Harding exits car and stands next to Harvey Firestone, shakes hands and greets another well dressed gentleman. Henry Ford chops wood in centre of the scene while chefs cook and filmmakers or press films the scene in background and a Model T to the right. Thomas Edison sleeps on grass in foreground while two men read newspapers on chairs in background. Close up of recognised personality Thomas Edison, dressed in a white suit asleep on the grass, he scratches his nose and then continues sleeping. Henry Ford chops wood and Harvey Firestone approaches and commences the task, with Model T in view to the right of the camping scene. President Harding chops wood. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and President Harding sit in chairs on the grass and read newspapers.

00:29:48 Tractor salesman stands behind a tractor in front of a store front, and another man approaches salesman and the salesman shows him the tractor while they converse, then both leave the scene. Tractor and farmer enter scene from left foreground, view of tractor ploughing field travelling away from camera. Tractor and farmer plough field, driving towards camera and to the right foreground, with fields and farm in the background. Farmer's wife reads newspaper in a rocking chair next to a laundry or washing machine, and rocks back and forth as the machine rotates back and forth, farmer's wife stands up as the machine stops, opens the lid, pulls over a laundry press, takes laundry out piece at a time and feeds it through the automatic laundry press. Farmer's wife vacuums floor with a Eureka vacuum while farmer reads newspaper in chair in right foreground. Young woman with long hair stands at wash hand basin away from camera and looks into mirror, turns on water, wets handkerchief, and washes face using the wet handkerchief. Older woman sits and knits on a rocking chair in front of a fire while a machine churns unidentifiable food or perhaps clothing over a fire. Busy street scene with automobile and pedestrian traffic. Scene of traffic on busy city street, including trams, cars, and pedestrians. Chaotic, busy street scene with a large crowd of pedestrians, trams, and cars, as a police officer or traffic guard watches on horseback. Street scene with a number of Model T cars parked on street in front of shops, pedestrians walk on the pavement and cars drive in the street. Uniformed policeman directs traffic and stands in the middle of the street, he motions for cars to pass, cars to stop, and to a large group of children, waiting to cross the road, who run across the street towards the camera after he signals for them to cross.

00:31:31 Busy street scene, a policeman stands in a traffic box which changes indication from "Go" to "Stop" as a horse and cart pass, travelling away from camera. Woman crosses street, gazes to the direction away from oncoming traffic and is pulled to safety by a police officer as a Model T car drives down the road narrowly missing her, with church and city buildings in background. A policeman in a small tower or podium with a sign "Drive Safely Walk Right" directs passing traffic. A car with "New Traffic Ordinance Penalties $500 Fine and Three Months Imprisonment" sign. A tram or train drives down street with two cars, one with a visible dent (presumably from a car accident) and a sign: "This Is The First of 52 Safety Weeks - R-U Careful?" Parade float advertising "Think Safety Ways" pulled by a tractor, travelling with several people on the float dressed as the grim reaper, or death, in skeleton costumes who lash at spectators as they dramatise "hastiness" and "recklessness", the float is accompanied by uniformed officers on foot. Several cars travel from right to left of a street scene, with one car, visibly dented, pulled by a lead car, with a sign on the first car "His Mind Was On His Business", followed by several other cars, with crowd of spectators on either side of the cars. Model T cars drive down road towards camera, as school boys dangerously play football in the middle of the road around the cars. Road safety re-enactment: three boys play in the street, close up of mother who reacts in alarm with her hands on her head and a distraught look on face, boy runs into street and is hit by an oncoming Model T car and falls into road. Road safety re-enactment: Model T car with large cart on rear crosses train tracks, cart remains on track and is hit by oncoming train or locomotive. Road safety re-enactment: Man crosses street, walks towards traffic, and is hit by oncoming Model T which is reversing around a corner, pushing him into the street, the man then walks over to talk with the driver. Road safety re-enactment: Children stand behind an ice truck, the driver gets out of the car which prompts the children to scatter, close up of children walking dangerously close to the back of the ice truck, close up of ice tipping and falling off the back of the truck, scene of small child lying on the ground with the broken ice block next to him or her, two other small children rush over. Model T cars drive on road, with several men next to the cars on the street, and one of the young men runs next to the car and jumps into car as it continues to drive. Busy city street scene with trams, road, signposts, and city buildings filmed at street level. Busy city street scene with trams, road, signposts, and city buildings filmed from tall building overlooking street. Street scene from a town, with trees and grass in foreground, with a number of cars driving down street. Close up of busy traffic scene, with pedestrians, cable car, tram, automobiles, city buildings, and tunnel. Point of view scene of busy automobile traffic, potentially in New York with the Flatiron Building in background.

00:32:55 Camera fades to black. The Spirit of St. Louis airplane lands in field, flying directly towards camera. Close up view of the Sprit of St. Louis airplane with Charles Lindbergh in the cockpit. Charles Augustus Lindbergh stands outside the Spirit of St. Louis at the Ford Airport in Dearborn, Michigan, USA, with Henry Ford and another man in suit and tie, shakes hand of a forth man who enters scene. Camera pans group of men, including Charles A. Lindbergh, Henry Ford, and other businessmen in suit and tie. Propeller of airplane in right foreground, passengers walk across airport tarmac in front of small airport, with several onlookers. Passengers, including women and children, board a passenger airplane for Stout Airlines. Stout Airlines airplane travels along tarmac or airport runway from left to right of scene. Impressive ground level view of airplane as it takes off, travelling on field just to the left of the camera and takes off, narrowly missing camera. View of airplane as it takes off from a field, flying away from camera. Interior view of airplane and passengers (a young boy and a woman) looking out of the window. Point of view from airplane of Stout Airlines airplane flying over a city, with lake in background.

00:34:04 Camera fades to black.

00:34:06 Exterior view of the National Archives building in Washington, DC, USA, with rolling end credits superimposed on image.

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