Film: 5707

War + Military | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Film from the 1960's recalling the War in the Pacific, World War Two. Most of film consists of World War Two archive.
Contemporary (with the film's date) footage of Island of Corregidor in the Philippines.
Archive of the island when peaceful in 1941
Pearl Harbor. Japanese single seater plane in flight. The apparent defence of Corregidor. An American gun crew. MacArthur leaving the island. Philippine and American medical people. Doctors, nurses and orderlies. Japanese bombers and American gun emplacements firing back. American MTB fast militarised boat or similar.
Inhabitants of Coregidor on island roads. Allied or American troops leaving island. Japanese troops storming a beach. General Wainwright surrendering to the Japanese. Japanese soldiers taking down the American flag. Cheering Japanese soldiers. Raising the Japanese flag. American soldiers holding hands up in surrender. A sign written in English telling the local population to show their residence passes to the Japanese sentries. American soldiers behind bars in a Japanese gaol on the island. Voiceover of General MacArthur stating he was ordered to break through Japanese lines and re-group in Australia. In prison for American POWs, soldier has haircut as another waters the dusty ground near tent. Another brushes the ground with a broom.
American troops walk down gangplank from ship. Two American generals study a wall map and then a map rolled out on a table. American working men leaving factory gates. Shipments of military plane and tank which is craned overhead. Oil refinery. Large opencast American coal mine in the U.S.A.
The Japanese fleet. A Japanese naval commander. American aircraft with propellers turning on the deck of an aircraft carrier. American soldiers training at a camp in Australia in front of MacArthur. On island of Corregidor the medical situation was such that malaria broke out. One soldier tends to another on a table. Doctor and two nurses walk though dormitory. Japanese wartime propaganda film of American prisoners of war on the far Eastern island of Corregidor. Individual soldiers looking thin, but in the main smiling. Dysentery had broken out.
Fleet of ships at sea. Fighting on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. American soldiers carefully walking through ankle deep water in jungles of Guadalcanal. The island of Rabaul which was bombed heavily from the air. Bomb explosions on the island seen from American bombers. The Gilbert Islands - Tarawa. Soldiers use flame throwers. Injured soldier helped to walk. Leyte in the Philippines was bombed. Very low level bombing filmed from plane as we recede from island. American troops landing on island. American artillery teams firing guns at Luzon. Aircraft bombs hillside. In quiet period at end of fighting four American soldiers stand around not in a group. One walks towards other and crosses himself, thanking God. American forces firing small field guns within Manila City, the Philippines. Civilians carry a stretcher with a man on it. Civilian refugees. Manila burns. Bataan. American cemetery at Bataan with crosses on graves bearing inscription 'Unknown'.
Quick 1960's shot of New York taxi. Inside the cab the cab driver moves the for hire sign upwards (no words are seen).
Wartime Japanese film of the American troops captured at Bataan. Sign reading Mariveles. Large number of G.I.'s sit on ground. The march to San Fernando with soldiers flanked and led by Japanese soldiers. Three years later soldiers released from Bataan prison camp, happily walk by camera. Their clothes are ragged, but the men smile. American officers and men preparing to attack Corregidor. A paratrooper is helped on with his pack by another soldier. A night-time bombardment of guns. Aerial shot of smoke rising from Corregidor - 'The Gibraltar of the East'. Aerial of the small harbour. Pan along paratroopers in plane about to jump. Some smoke and one chews gum. Soldiers put helmets on. Paratroopers jump from aircraft. Repeated drops of small numbers of men at extremely low altitudes - as low as 400 feet. Paratroopers landing on the ground. Men filmed jumping from above. Injured paratroopers. Bad landing. Me being tended to and on stretchers in the ruins of a building. Apparently on landing the American had 12-13% casualties on this island. One man receives an injection. Soldiers walk away from drop site through broken tree stumps, towards shattered building. An apparent kamikaze aircraft flies straight into the ground near a building. Soldiers walking ashore on the beach. Soldiers on Corregidor. Beach landing vehicles. Tanks. Soldier uses flamethrower in town. G.I. Carefully makes way to cellar window and throws grenade in. It explodes. General MacArthur arriving by boat back at Corregidor. He climbs ladder onto dockside. He takes salute. Soldiers present arms. Officers salute. American flag is raised. Island of Corregidor from the air.

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