Film: 5712

Farming + Rural Life | 1940 | Silent | B/W


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Film to help children learn to read. Simple story with large onscreen title 1940's

Part One: Back gardens of suburban row of houses. Little boy in shorts and tie feeds rabbits in hutch (titles come up on screen). Girl (Mary) runs to join him. They both feed rabbits. Parents sit on bench. Father smokes a pipe. Mother says lets go to a farm. They leave the house.
Part Two: Mother, father, John and Mary walk down a country lane. Children run to farm. They lean on gate. They meet the farmer and the farmer's dog.
Part Three: Sheep dog rounds up the lost sheep. John and Mary shut the pen. Sheep in a pen. The former shuts the gate.
Part Four: Family and farmer go to see the pony in the stable. Farmer holds pony in the yard, all saddled up. Boy rides pony and jumps over gate in the field.
Part Five: Boy rides horse in field. Boy and horse jump over hedge. Boy and horse ride back to the stable.

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