Film: 5725

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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The oil industry in the USA especially Alaska 1970's

Red sunset over oil works. Zoom into a tower. Man operating equipment. Old gas lamp on black background. Still photo of John D. Rockerfeller in 1870. Still photograph of old oil works in Cleveland, Ohio. Photo of first refinery. Still of a group of men selling kerosene. Still of kerosene lamps. 1882 oil field - quite large scale. Screen splits to show names of affiliated oil companies scrolling up towards the photo. Still photos of old oil fields and workers. Rockefeller seated - caption, "standard oil, New Jersey". Photos of a drum of oil being pulled along by a horse and cart. Becomes outline map of Ohio. Newspaper article 1911, shows New Jersey Oil Co. Still photographs of oil fields and workers. Still illustrations and photographs of early cars. Photo of standard oil drums. Group photo of workers. Photos of chimney stacks blowing out smoke. Photo of car. Photo of garages/filling stations. Pan around refinery (modern). Two men in hard hats walk along some scaffolding. Oil pipes. SOHIO garage. Photos of other SOHIO-owned garages trading as other names. Advertising hoarding for Standard Oil Ohio. SOHIO trucks. SOHIO centres for car maintenance (eg, car washes, services stations etc…). SOHIO motels. Man hangs up telephone in control centre of production plant.

Other forms of energy and products SOHIO deals in - coal, uranium, petrochemicals, plastics. Crane digger lifting up coal and placing it in large vat. Steel wheel rotates - plant seen in background. Coal being mined. SOHIO uranium mine. Mechanical digger carries uranium which is dropped into a large container. Aerial shot of power plant belching out smoke. Pipes. Small glass jars filled with petrochemicals. Purple crystals scooped up and put in small jar. Hand holding plastic beads. Two men in white coats check plastic making equipment. Ginger man makes acrylic. Woman puts chemicals into a large jar. Plastic products. Towers of plant. Rosario S. Ilaqua - security analyst, gives an interview from an office. A large window reveals skyscrapers in the background.

Oil reserve in Alaska. Aerial views of same. Snowy mountains in the background. Men direct cranes. Crane seen in silhouette - red sunset. Long row of digging equipment and cranes standing in the snow. Aerial shot of road through snowy fields. Man driving crane digger. Trucks. Welding of large vats. Building of pipes. Cranes - all in Alaska. Aerial view of plant being constructed. Joseph Clark - security analyst gives an interview to camera from a wood-panelled office. Cut back to Ilaqua speaking. Pipeline in Alaska. Map of Alaska on wall of office. Two men in jeans and shirts examine plans. Three people sit around a desk with many papers strewn about them. Close-up of typewriter, the words "Main operations centre" being typed. Two men speak on the telephone. Fingers push a button on a control panel. Long shot of tower in Alaskan plant. Tower, medium shot. Many men in hard hats operate drilling equipment. Pipeline in the snow. Chart showing production. Man on telephone looks at lighted panel on the wall. Alaskan pipeline. Man at drawing board adds to plans. Woman at computer terminal. Typewritten words, "SOHIO to Cleveland". Several people sit around a table in the office which has the map of Alaska on the wall. Pipes running across some water. Oil tanker - snowy mountains in the background. Lighted control panel on the wall. Beardy man pushes buttons. Long shot of Alaskan plant. Zoom into crane moving and a man operating it by remote control. Pipes being connected. Long shot of pipes filling a tanker. Map on the wall has model ships stuck on to chart the progress of the tankers. Hands moving one of the models.

Aerial view of fleet of ships at sea. Tanker docking. Long shot of dock. Office - man at computer terminal. Another speaks on the telephone. Flowers - pan out to reveal them growing on a cliff edge overlooking the coast. Man on telephone. Woman at desk. Several people in a meeting. Oil tanker at sea. Ilaqua speaks to camera. Clark speaks to camera. Vats of chemicals. Oil rig at sea. Men being carried on a crane. Men use boring equipment (by which I mean they're digging holes, although it doesn't look particularly interesting). Mortar and pestle. Bunsen burner. Vials of chemicals. Chemicals on a scale. Pan across a plain - plant in the distance. Plant machinery. Aerial shot of plant in plains. Ilaqua talks to camera. Clark talks to camera. Charts information on Webb Resources (shortly to be taken over). Pan across desert. Man draws on a map. Oil fields and red sunset. Men at drawing boards. Girl playing piano.

Man at podium announces SOHIO as winners of Corporation of the year award. Company representative collects the trophy. Photos of ordinary people playing sports, walking, girl in hospital etc… Advertisement poster for a ballet. Girl playing a piano. Alaskan pipeline. Repeat shots of coal mining and petrochemicals. Clark speaks to camera. Filling stations. Graph. Man at computer. Electrical equipment. Laser technology. Woman looks into microscope. Coal mine. Woman creates graph on machine. Tower in oil field. Stopwatch. Chemical experiments. Test tube of chemicals. Microscope slide. Man marks chart. Electronic graph. Open fields. Men operating machines. Tower. Red sunset. The End.

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