Film: 5726

History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Narrated documentary about the Mayflower voyage of 1620, using silent reconstructions of scenes on board the galleon 1960's

illustrated the history of 17th century Pilgrim colonists.

Romantic views of the Mayflower at sea with stirring music. Anchor lifted. Crew on board. Main mast and rigging. Working on the main yards. Galleon at sea, views from afar and on board. Men sleeping below deck. Boy listening to a man telling stories. More views of the ship in more choppy waters. Women, men and children travelling in crowded conditions. Narrator talks about poor diet and inability to wash and change their clothes, something they would have been used to to a certaini extent anyway. Removal of refuge and sewage. Narrator continues to talk about how the wood of the ship had been soaked in alcohol from its previous purpose as a merchant trade carrying wine which he argues helped with keeping away illness on board. Crew using navigational instruments to chart a course. Passengers arguing to land as soon as possible. Approaching Cape Cod Bay. Meeting of only men draughting the 'May Flower Compact' to help govern the new colony.

Craftsmen sawing timber. Constructing dwellings on land. Timber frames with timber boards. Finished house wth thatched roof. Woman entering house with a bucket. Narrator emphasises how hard life was in the first year and how many people died for illness and starvation, despite being helped by local Indians. Small craft approaching. Film moves into a more positive view of the colony, having established itself and started to flourish, more houses and more food. Woman cooking over a fireplace. Chicken on a spit. Family eating together. Exterior of house, men leaving to work outdoors, oone carries a gun. They walk through picturesque countryside as the narrator describes the kind of weapon most commonly used to hunt with. Man loading gun with powder. Looking at berries.

Woman wearing an apron, sitting looking at berries. Older woman sits nearby sewing while the younger makes candles. Making thread for sewing. Weaving wool. Narrator talks about the women's constant tasks. Young girls being educated at home by their father. Illustrated book. Sleeping arrangements - woman puts a small boy to bed. The rest of the family go into the loft to sleep on sacks on the floor.

Drummer boy summons the colony to Sunday prayer at the meeting house. People walk in a line to the fort like building. Inside, women and children listening to a Elder Bruster preacher. Repeated views of scenes of Plymouth as the narrator moves time forward to the first Thanks Giving with local Indians. A large table outside is filled with food in celebration. Narrator summarises the future of Plymouth Plantation over more scenes of the community enjoying themselves.

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