Film: 5733

Sport | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Outdoor activities and sport in Scotland 1950's

Skiing in the Cairngorms Scotland. Downhill skiers filmed from behind. People carrying skis walk in a row through a wooded area. Small child on skis, he just walks along the snow. Group of people at ski school, a steam train passes in the background. Some close ups of skiers faces. Instructor shows how to turn around while wearing skis. One of the students tries the manoeuvre and falls over. A woman laughs. Practising on beginner slopes. A few minor falls. The group ski downhill, one person skis over the camera.
Two little boys approach a rocky stream in the Scottish highland, a loch and moors are behind them. They sit on the bank and dangle a fishing stick in the water. Two men river fishing for salmon, a woman sits on the grass and knits. Fisherman smokes a pipe while fishing. View from a high vantage point over the river as it flows through the glen. Two men in tweeds fly fish from some rocks. Close up of fly in the water. Man in his tweed jacket and tie reels in his line, close up view of tip of rod and line. Fly moving through the clear water. Man with his back to camera casts his line. Fishing for trout from a rowing boat on a loch. Footage of two young girls, smartly dressed in kilts and cardigans are fishing and smiling. One catches a fish, fish jumping on surface of the water before it is picked up in a hand net.
Kayaking or canoeing in Scotland on the River Tay. A man paddles upstream in the fast flowing river, another kayak heads downstream. A man and a woman wearing a bikini each get into kayaks. They push away from the shore and paddle downstream. Group of kayakers paddle over some rapids. Close up of man wearing glasses. Filmed from a kayak, the bow of the canoe is in the foreground, other canoes head toward the camera frantically paddling through some rapids. One person rolls their kayak. The group pull into shore. Two women carry a canoe onto the bank.
Sailing on the River Clyde Scotland. A large yacht in launched. Four young lads sit on a bridge, legs dangling over the side, before they stand up. Small yachts in the water. Wide view of the river Clyde. Group of teenagers exit a large building, they are on a sailing course. Group of people in a dinghy. Teenagers learning to sail, raising sails, pulling on ropes. Views of sail boats from the pebbled shores. Low level view of boat beached on the shore. Youngsters sailing, they duck under the boom. Faster sailing in more open waters. Girl in a yellow woollen jumper gets water spray in her face. Larger waves crash over the trainee sailors and they get quite wet. Calmer waters, it is dusk, close up of a hand on the rudder. View of mast & sail from onboard the yacht. Yacht bobs on the water, people relax, one sleeps lying on deck, a girl dangles her sneakered feet in the water.
Rock Climbing on Isle of Skye in Scotland. Close up view of feet in walking or climbing boots. Hotel Manager looks at a walking map with three young men. Close up of map. The group are standing outside the Lochalsh Hotel. Boat in distance as it crosses water to Isle of Skye. Dramatic mountain scenery of the Black Cuilin, 3 young men stand at the base of the rock face looking up. They organise their ropes, in order to climb the rock. Close up of hands tying bowline knots in ropes around the mens’ waists. The climb filmed both from below the first man as he climbs and above as he heads towards the camera. View down to other two men at the bottom as they feed out rope. The first climber ties off to a rock as the others start to climb. Close up filming of climber getting foot hold in the rocks. A loose rock tumbles to the bottom, alarmed look from one of the climbers. One by one they look back before resuming their climb. View of climber on side of rock face, distant view to the sea beyond. View up the rope dangling. The first man in the red jumper pulls himself over the ledge and onto the peak. The others follow and they pull the ropes up after them. View from the top. The three men stand in silhouette looking at the view, before sitting down.
Golf in Scotland. Green wooden box, 18 Queen’s Hame stencilled on the side. Gleneagles Golf Course, golfer strikes a ball and two men walk off wheeling a golf caddy. Gleneagles Railway Station, camera pans around from the track to close up of station sign. View from upstairs room down to entrance driveway of the property, a coach approaches. Two couples walk down steps from the Gleneagles Hotel. Woman learning to swing a golf club. Close up of balls on the grass. Same woman learns to putt. Instructor collects balls with a ball collector. Teeing off on the Queen’s course. Men playing golf, view of Glen Devon in the background. Gleneagles Hotel in the background of another game being played. The King’s course, a large group of people walking across the course – women’s championships, golfers and audience. Audience watch a golfer putt and then applaud, before moving away from the hole. Close up of a golf swing by a man in a flat cap, then a woman and another man swings. Woman chips a ball out of the sand trap. Woman eyes up a shot. POV from the ball as it rolls across the green and into the hole.
Horse riding in Scotland. A farrier heats a horse shoe in hot coals. He shapes it with a hammer on an anvil. Horses in a field. A woman carrying a saddle is directed by another woman standing in a barn doorway. Group of people carrying saddles walk across a yard. A woman is handed a saddle. A man shows how to insert a bit in a horse’s mouth. A woman tries to put on a bridle, but struggles. Man demonstrates how to put a saddle on a horse. Smiling woman seated on a horse’s back. Woman tries to put a saddle on, she has it facing the right way to start with, then turns the saddle the wrong way around. A man positions a saddle correctly. Another man attends to the woman and turns the saddle around. The woman then gets under the horse’s belly to try and fit the girth, before walking around to the other side of the horse to do it up. Man fits the girth correctly on another horse. Demonstration on how to mount a horse, man stands in stirrups. Others get on their horses. Thye file out a gateway and go pony trekking in the Spey Valley. View of a small river, horses being ridden over a stone bridge. Riding along a country lane and across a shallow river. POV of the rider, with horse’s head bobbing in the foreground of the view. Horses trot past the camera. Riders take a rest, sitting on the grass and chatting while horses wait and graze. Two women lie on the grassy bank of a stream and point at the horses in the distance. More pony trekking, they climb a hill. Horses in single file in the distance.
Film ends with a steam train travelling through the Scottish landscape, filmed from a window of a carriage. Overhead view of a steam train, purple heather on the railway banks, a loch in the distance.

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