Film: 5747

Politics | 1970 | Sound | B/W


Iran before the revolution. Shah's attempts to modernise the country in the 1970's

Modern buildings in the capital Tehran. Young Iranian women in modern fashions and mini skirts. Older traditions such as carpet making. Children weaving carpets and painting on pottery. New industries. Wealth of natural resources. Oil refinery. The Shah is interviewed (in French with English translation on soundtrack), he talks about capitalism. Factory workers. Four men in overalls and covered heads spray a car. Various shots of people working in factories. Newspapers are printed on a printing press. Free press and newspapers. The Shah speaking again. Modern buildins. Women and children at a reception desk in a hospital, demonstrating a modern health service. Hospital equipment. Nurses treat a boy in a hospital bed with a drip. Nueses with a baby in hospital as the mother looks on.

Farmers and children with goats. Women an dgirls with covered heads wait with young children on a bench. A man visits a doctor. The doctor listens to the patient's chest with a stethoscope. Women with covered heads and long dresses sit in a classroom, they are training to be teachers. They walk outside, carrying books.. Rows of boys and girls sitting in a classroom in school, separated by an aisle. River and the surrounding land. Crops growing, sunflowers. Farmers working in the fields. A tractor working in a field. Soldiers practising self defence. Soldiers training with guns and marching. Soldiers on a destroyer with an Iranian flag, loading and firing guns. Phantom planes supplied by the USA or America on an airfield. Pilots in a training room. The instructor with a map of the surrounding area. A bomb or missile is transported to a plane. Soldiers climbing into planes. The hatches go down one by one. Planes taking off and landing. A fleet of six planes in the sky.

Smoking chimneys at the oil refinery. Map showing the supply of oil from Iran around the world. The Shah speaks again. Various shots of the oil refinery. An armed guard at the refinery with a fire in the background.

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