Film: 5750

Medicine | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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How the kidneys work 1970's

Dialysis machine. Man describes machine. Microscope (stained). Footage of cell, plasma cells, capillaries. Kidneys on operating table. Beating heart. Oil drums to demonstrate volume. Dissection of dog kidney, sections. Model of vessels created by plastic injection. Microscopic view of vessels in living frog kidney. Scientist looks at kidney of anaesthetized rat down microscope, dye injected, passes into tubules. Diagrammatic representation of nephrons. Close up of filtration process. Oil injected into proximal tubule of nephron. Salt solution also injected, re-absorption. Diagram of active transport of salts from nephron, capillary. Woman eats meat, salt poured onto chips. Gymnastics, jogging, arm-wrestling, sledging, roofing. Toad's bladder in beaker, addition of anti diuretic hormone (ADH), reduction of urine output. Fat man labouring. Action of ADH explained. More shots of cells. Man with dialysis machine.

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