Film: 5762

London | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Journalist researching French people and activities in London 1950's

Bus queue on Fleet St. Woman walks through back passage, stops to take mirror out of handbag and adjust make-up, walks up stairs. Shot of ' The Weekly Sun' newspaper sign. Man at desk greets woman, she sits down. He produces letter, close up of letter. She sits down, wearing floral dress, hat and clutching handbag on knee. Man hands piece of paper to her with assignment. She looks at it slightly startled, gets up and leaves. 2 shots of rear of cars with French number plates. Motorcycle at side of pavement by tree, she walks by. Man in uniform walks by looking at motorcycle, County Hall in background. She looks at motorcycle. Front of car with French number plate, London bus passes by. Lower part of man's jacket with a decorative French emblem. Woman walking towards embankment with Westminster bridge in background, she leans on wall looks wistful. Interior of Fashion Studio?, clothes draped around. ( Break in commentary/frame) Woman walks through studio. Sits down and shakes hands with man who is standing up wearing a suit, she stands up and chats for a few seconds. Scene merges into shot of street with woman entering office front door - French Chamber of Commerce. French magazines. Woman speaks to man in suit over the counter at reception. Close up of woman talking to man. Couple talking, facing towards man. Woman walks into office and is introduced by receptionist to man at desk. Close up of receptionist. Close up of diary listing activities connected to chamber. Man at desk hands it to her. She takes it and flicks through. Shot of man watching her from behind desk. She looks up, close up of her asking a question. Close up of receptionist responding. Close up of her thanking him. Woman walking along street, greeting man in suit at door and entering car show room. Car leaves garage show room with woman driving past a group of parked cars and out of gates. Interior of French ambassador's residence looking towards front door, 2 footman either side, another answers the door and woman walks in and is shown towards drawing room. Footman opens door and French Ambassador's wife walks in, dressed formally with handbag, she shakes hands with woman who has been waiting, they walk towards window together through elegantly furnished room with chandelier, candelabra and antique furniture. Seated by window with flowers in foreground, gardens through window, lamp and picture on table, ambassador's wife offers woman cigarette from wooden box and lights her visitor's cigarette. Close up of woman looking over shoulder. Butler and footman prepare table with bottles and glasses on. Tapestry on wall behind. Woman glances to side again. Coffee table with flowers in front of sofa with laps either side and full length tapestry behind. Pan up towards tapestry. Woman glances back to Ambassador's wife. Close up of A's wife, puffing on cigarette, she smiles. She smokes. Car driven by woman passes by billboard. Outside 'Galleries Lafayette' department store, crowds walk by, woman gets out of car, door opened by chauffeur, woman walks towards entrance. Close up of 'Paris' shop sign. Close up of 'Paris House' shop sign, with hand and bracelet. Close up of 'Le Petit Francais' sign with fleur de lys. Close up of shop awning with 'La Duchesse'. French butcher's shop?. 'Georges' shop front with scale outside. Windows of 'French Line' at street corner with cars and passers by. Close up of French Line letters. Close up of windows with advert for 'Messageries Maritime - to the East' with anchor emblem. Street scene with buses and people, probably outside Victoria Station looking towards 'Watney Ales'. Window of shop with 'Meubles Francais' bottom of window with inscription again and pair of wall candelabra in window on cushion, woman's feet at bottom of shot, walks by. Bed or chaise longe with table behind. Woman walks into shop. Gaming table and woman's hand moving counters. Woman looking up towards ceiling. French antique clock. Antique animated clock with 3 monkeys inside barbers shop.(Break in frame/commentary) Young women talk over shop counter. Sign of French bank- 'Comptoir National Descompte de Paris' Women outside bank. 2 women enter bank, man doffs hat and they walk over to grille of counter. Blond woman hands over paper. Man behind grille looks at paper. Woman signs paper and hands back over grille while other one leans on counter and looks around. Sky with sun behind thin cloud. Interior of car with woman driving, man approaches car, car stops. Man speaks to woman driver at wheel, he gets in. Billboard of St Bernard dog. Interior of bar with model St. Bernard publicising cognac, pans up to man and woman drinking and chatting. Postcard of Tower of London and thumb. Exterior of Tower from river. White Tower with flag. Exterior from river. West Tower of Westminster Abbey, panning down with traffic passing by. Close up of 'Petty France' sign. Close up of 'St Marylebone High St' W1. Exterior of St Marylebone church, west front. Close up of church wooden sign. Close up of tombstone of 'Claude Champion De Crespigny' and wife, both refugees. Exterior of French Embassy and passing traffic. Close up of sign, doors and cast iron railings. Close up of three French style roofs, including 'La Maison De France' in Park Lane. French Garden at Victoria with statue of Marshall Foch and passing bus. Close up from below of statue, panning down to Marshall's dates. Exterior of Carlton House Terrace. Close up of plaque commemorating the stay of general De Gaulle. 2 shots of French cemetery. Exterior of Hotel De Ville, Paris. 2 English veterans of WW1 with regimental flags. 8 Shots of group of English WW1 veterans who fought on French soil. Lord Mayor reading from sheet addressing veterans, with on right , Mr Debac- President of Society of French servicemen living abroad. Mr Debac in office, behind desk. 2 women walk in, one is introduced, sits down and is interviewed by Mr Debac. Man adding perfume to mixing machine. Close up of mixer and cream in machine. 2 women on packing production line, putting cream in boxes. 3 Women seated packing boxes. Close up of women quickly packing tubes in boxes. Mr Dubac rubbing cream onto young woman's hand. She takes mirror out of handbag and puts cream on her face. Man jumps onto boat. 3 men on deck, pans out to view of River Thames and Tower Bridge with boats and cranes in foreground. 2 men talk on deck. Exterior of boat with name, 'Nivernais'. Boat leaves mooring. Barrels of wine. Man in suit and young woman stock-taking in wine vault. Elderly man smells and tastes wine with son beside him with clipboard. Doors of French Benevolent Society. Portrait of Count D'orsay, friend of Charles Dickens. Man with cigarette.. Bust of man. Man at desk. Woman with hat behind him. Women in office. Woman signs papers. Close up of 'Centre Charles Peguy' for French young people. Reception of centre with 2 women talking at counter, man walks through, woman walks in. Pan of 2 young men in shorts with rucksacks walking down street. Stairwell, tiled, with nun walking upstairs. Glimpse through corridor of interior of French art gallery. Close up of Degas picture of woman. Picture of farm by Bonnard. Women talking on phone. French newspapers. (Commentary/frame break) Pan down of books, leather bound, antiquarian books. Open book with picture of Alfons D'orday. French books. Man and woman flipping through books. 2 men chat in shop, woman browses. Man and woman walk out of bookshop, chat and separate. Door of Agence France- Presse. Hand knocks on door. Woman walks in carrying handbag and notebook, man shows her to seat, they sit down and chat, she takes notes because she is a journalist. Man at desk behind typewriter, gets up. 2 men type at machines. Machine types. Ribbon threads through machine. Man shows woman round office. Corner of Duke St, Mayfair and exterior of French railway office with passers by. Picture of Parisian street with Sacre Coeur in background. Woman walks up to window of office. Close up of models in window. Woman walks in and up to desk, purchases tickets. Car in country, woman driving past sign for Sunbury. Car passes by sign for ' French Street' and 'Thames Street'. Sign of 'Club de Cleo'. Car drives up to club entrance, man comes out to greet her. She gets out of car, wraps shawl over shoulders and walks up steps to elegant Georgian entrance with exterior lamp. They walk into entrance and through into bar, they each take a stool at bar and sit down to chat. Close up of bar or restaurant menu with finger pointing out 'English Spoken'. Woman laughs, man orders from bar. 3 people walk in behind them, they chat. They receive drinks and toast one another. Couple walk through gardens under tree on lawns, circular brick building in background. View from under a tree of couple by river. Couple sitting on deckchairs, he glances at her. Couple walk between view from trees with bow windows of building and staircase in background. Couple in motor boat with him steering along river. Woman seated in boat. Man in boat looks at watch. Boat sailing on Thames with flag behind flapping in the wind. Couple under tree, he points to watch and leads her away. People seated at table drinking and eating, waitress walks by. Couple walk down steps onto patio. She goes to sit down, he stops her and leads her away. They walk into the kitchen, they shake hands with chef. Chef smiles. Woman talks, man points to floor behind her, indicating 'here'. Chef replies and smiles. She turns round, asks a question, he replies. Woman and man leave, he opens door, he leads her away and downstairs. Woman cleaning drinking glasses. Couple look around, then walk into informal eating area, he pulls out a seat for her, she sits down, then he sits next to a chef and she sits next to a waitress. 2 chefs come in, man shakes hands with one and the other chef begins to serve the soup. Group seated around the table with chef singing and making toast with glass, others sing around table. Man talks to woman, she leans back, opens handbag and takes out envelope, he opens it, they both laugh.

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