Film: 5778

Feature Drama | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Title card: A Day of Peace… Time Suspended 1960's

First day of the Armistice ending Algerian civil war. A man on a river bed. Gunshots. He clasps his hands to his stomach.
Archive (?) commentary announcing the French Government’s Armistice in Algeria from 1800 hours on 20th May 1961 for one month. In the Algerian countryside a group of Algerian soldiers sit in a huddle, as though listening to the broadcast - reconstruction. Close ups of all the men, about a dozen in number.
The same young man woken by his mother in his home in the casbah.
Algiers, dawn - rooftops, the sea. The labyrinthine streets of the kasbah. The young man stops for food. Eats his simple meal at a counter in the small café.
The soldiers at once begin to celebrate - hats in the air - jumping for joy. Close up of the radio (the young man is with them) Shot of a girl on a roundabout.
Cemetery of the Two Princesses. Young man drinks water from a tap, using a tin mug. There is a young girl in a ….. They exchange looks. He approaches, the girl vanishes. The soldiers talking, one man gives orders. They move out. Rain-swept mountains. The soldiers, happy, walk through the woods. The young man grooming himself in the bathroom mirror. He looks at clothes in the shops. Inside a department store, travelling up an escalator. Visits different areas. Exterior, on wide steps, following a young girl. They exchange looks, she ill at ease, he runs off. He watches another girl.
The soldiers looking down on the city. Young man on a bus, looking at a girl. On a cable car or funicular, high above the city.
The soldiers at the river, they bathe joyfully in the river, removing the dirt. They sing, dance and play instruments. A man shaves. The young watching the river. The young feeding fish with breadcrumbs in an ornamental pond. (He watches) the reflection of a young girl in the water. He is in a park. A man prays on the grass. Close ups of the young man and a girl. He follows her. Crashing waves. The young man and woman walking together on a beach, then in a tunnel.
His dead body in the river.
A field of stubble burning. He is smiling, running, waving.

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