Film: 5779

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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The legal process and prison life and conditions across Europe in the 1970's

The interior of a pub in Denmark. A man that was drinking at the counter grabs some money from the till. A close-up of his hand in the till. The barman jumps towards him and grabs him. Another barman intervenes. A police van arrives. In the pub the barman forces the thief to sit down. The thief is put in the police van by two policemen. The thief sitting inside the van talks to one of the policemen sitting in the front. The thief is put in a cell and sits down in a very low bench. One of the two policemen shuts the door. A view of the interior of a prison. Gates and doors being closed. A reconstruction of a trial. With the thief standing in court, facing an imaginary judge. A close-up of the actor's face. The actor playing the part of the thief leaves the prison. A drawing showing some prisoners. Drawings showing the executions of different kinds of capital punishment: A man is hanged; people burned alive; people crucified; a woman tortured being tied to a chair and lowered down in a river; people condemned to the pillory; a pillory. A photograph of two chained men. A drawing of people being transported as punishment. A photograph of some men on the deck of a boat being transported. A drawing showing the interior of the prison. A photograph of a prison built on a small island. A photograph of three prisoners at a barred window, behind them a warden. A photograph of a prison burning. Riot police moves in a building. The image of a helicopter. Some prisoners walk out of a building and are pushed to the ground by some riot policemen. Policemen and firemen wearing gas masks coming out from a building. The view of the façade of a prison.

The interior of a court in Vienna, Austria. A young man is brought in by a policeman. A close-up of the man's face. The courts walk in. The man stands in front of the judge. Close-up of the different members of the court. The man walks out of the room followed by the policeman. The man is now conducted in a prison. The view of a maximum security prison in Austria. A warden opens the heavy gate of the prison's entrance. A police van drives in. Three handcuffed men are brought into an office by two policemen. A close-up of one of the prisoner's hands while he is freed of his handcuffs. One of the prisoners answers the question of a warden who sits at a desk. The prisoner is given a blanket, a bowl and a prisoner's uniform (?). A warden takes some photographs of the prisoners. A warden looks through a spy-hole of a cell. The light is switched on, two prisoners on a bunk bed wake up. The two men get up one after the other. Another prisoner, in the same cell but on a single bed, wakes up. A warden unlocks the cell's door. The prisoners in the cell are given some bread. Two prisoners carrying some paintings walking down a stair followed by a warden. Prisoner working in a laboratory making chairs and baskets. Prisoners in the refectory. Prisoners at work in a mechanical laboratory. Prisoners at work in the prison's kitchen. A prisoner tastes a soup that is boiling in a big pot. A view of the prison's yard, prisoners walking around. Prisoners in a prison yard playing basketball. Prisoners taking a shower. A warder in a look-out tower. The gate of a maximum security prison. A prisoner pours some food in a bowl which is pressed into a door's hatch. The hatch of another cell is opened by a guard, a prisoner from inside the cell peeps through and he is given two bowls full of soup. A prisoners in a cell is given a few books. A prisoner in a cell shaving. View of another prison in Austria. Visiting time. A woman shows her documents to a guard that is sitting in a guard-room. A few prisoners are walked in a room. A guard opens a door, and some visitors walk in. A girl kisses one of the prisoners, and then sits down. A close-up of a man and a woman talking under the watchful eye of a warden.

A view of a prison labour camp in Hungary. A van drives in the prison yard. A prisoner is conducted inside. The prisoner is brought into an office where a man is sitting at a desk. A close-up of the man's hands flicking through some documents. The prisoner is taken into a cell where there are few other prisoners. Prisoners at work fixing the engine of a coach. Prisoners, wearing a uniform, walk through a gate. Prisoners, in the prison's shop, buying cigarettes. A view of the fences that surround the prison camp. In the yard, prisoners play with a ball. A postman, seen from the inside of a house through a glass-door, puts two letters through a letter box, and then rings door-bell. The actor playing the thief in Denmark seen at the very beginning of the film, picks up the letter. He then leaves the house carrying a suitcase after kissing his wife or girlfriend. He descends from a train at a station with his luggage in his hand. He then stops a woman who's carrying a baby and asks for directions. He arrives at the prison where he has to be sent and contacts the guard through a phone situated just outside the prison. He walks through the buildings which are part of the prison camp with a guard, who is not wearing a uniform but normal plain suit. He is conducted to a room, introduced to another inmate and given the key to his room. A label with his name is stuck on outside the room by the warden. View of the refectory with the prisoners wearing their own clothes. The thief with a tray collects some food and sits down at a table. He spreads some butter on a piece of bread and starts talking with some other inmates. A close-up of the thief talking on the phone. He walks in a room where, sat on a sofa, his girlfriend is waiting for him. They kiss each other. They sit down opposite to the other holding hands. Prisoner at work. A view of a high wall with a guard nearby. A prisoner is spreading seeds in a small field while others lying down on the grass are reading or talking. Prisoners sunbathing. View of a room where around a table people are sitting down while a man is standing up, and another prisoner (the thief already seen) is waiting at the door. He walks in an hands out a paper.

The thief (whose name is Morgan (?), more likely Morten). Walking in a street with his girlfriend. They walk in a restaurant. After greeting two people they sit a the counter on two high stools. There are served with some beers. Morten and his girlfriend start dancing. Morten walks in an office where he sits down and talks to a woman who after a short while makes a phone call. She hands the telephone to Morten. Morten walks in an office and shakes his hand with a man who is sitting down at a desk. Morten is shown around a carpentry factory. A van stops nearby a beach. Prisoners jump out of the van and run towards the beach, followed by a guard that is wearing a normal suit. The prisoners run to the beach and start to undress themselves near a small boat. Two of the prisoners run in the water. One prisoner is playing a guitar while Morten who is wearing a yellow costume is singing. One of the prisoners walks along the beach, he picks up some seaweed, then turns round and walks back.

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