Film: 5791

Transport General | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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A film about British road transport services lorries in Scotland.

Views of Edinburgh but mainly the highlands. Lorries on ferry boats sailing along a river probably the Clyde. At the remote railway staion at Killin lorries load up cement from a railway wagon to take it over the highland roads to the site of a Dam being built at Ora?. This is a long term asignment. The men need to live on the site at Killin stationa and use an old railway carriage as living and sleeping quarters. There are four dirvers and four lorries one of wihcih is an E.R. Foden lorry. Views of lorries at a cattlemarket. View of Glenlivet whisky distillery and a Scottish harbour town. Views of the highlands and waterfalls and fast flowing river.

The highland road to the dam is very narrow it twists and turns a lot. Views from inside the driver's cab. Men are buidling a bridge out in the wilds. They wave at the drivers who wave back. Very wet conditions. The drivers do two trips a day. Views of the drivers feeding the local deer. Al Leyland lorry delivers long metal rails. View of a maintenance depot where the lorries are serviced at week ends. Lorries on hoists. View of Lubreoch dam. After building the dam 200 tons of equipment and deposits have to be removed. Messages sent by ticker-tape machines all over the country to find an extra long lorry,. One is located at Scunthorpe. Messages are encoded and deciphered by the ticker-tape machines. The lorries loading cement have to be loaded overnight to be ready for the morning journey. The men live in a disused old raliway carriage where one of them acts as cook. We see them eating their evening meal. For relaxation they play dominoes, The stationmaster/porter joins them for a game. This is a sample of road and rail co-opeartion. End.

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